Are mid terraced houses to be avoided?

Generally I have looked at semi's or end terraces (detached out of my reach financially!)

However, I have seen a terraced house built about 10 years ago, fabulous inside, it is modern large and over 3 floors with 2 ensuite bedrooms. Garden not a bad size for a terraced and a good area.

My reservations are that it may be noisy as it is terraced, it also does not have a garage (which I can live without) and no driveway. There is an allocated parking space but this is a short walk from the property along with all the other allocated car parking spaces in a row. I can imagine this might be a nightmare with visitors parking in your space etc thinking it is public parking....oh and getting shopping to your front door without leaving your car unattended with the boot open.

For the same price I can get a much smaller end terrace or semi with a driveway but I don't get the space or the ensuites that the terrace have.

Would you go for this sort of terrace or is it a nightmare waiting to happen?


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    It's personal choice; some people prefer mid terraces. As for the shopping thing, I carry what I can (fridge stuff first) and lock the car to take that into the house. Some stuff you can leave in the car until "next time" - e.g. cans and loo rolls.... it doesn't all have to be got into the house immediately.
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    Points you mentioned wouldn't put me off.

    Terraced? So what, plenty people happily living in terraced houses, still going to be better than a flat, regardless.

    The shopping situation? Cars have locks, don't they? As long as you get the frozen stuff into the freezer, the rest can wait. Also, why not just have the supermarket deliver your shopping to your door if it's that much of an issue...

    Visitor parking is a problem in any estate built in the last 20 years, so also wouldn't be a deal breaker for me. I would check that you actually do own that allocated spot, though. At least then if somebody is so rude as to park in it, you might be so 'rude' as to have them clamped or towed...
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    A terrace (sounds like a town house?) built 10 years ago would probably, I would wager, have terrible sound insulation...
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    Yes the description for the property is a town house.

    Oh dear, is sound an issue with houses of this sort of age?

    I live in a 10 yr old semi, the noise from my neighbours isn't too bad, they are a family and I only hear them if they shout or have loud music but can't hear their tv or any conversations.

    So the sound isn't as good on a terraced/town house :-( Maybe I should view in the evening to get a feel for noise levels.
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    Mid terraces houses have good energy efficiency since they are insulated for free on two sides :)

    Security is a bit better too, since you only have to worry about the back of your house (Assuming the front is a main street)

    The parking issue does apply to many terraced streets, but scout out the area at peak times and see how bad it really is.
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    The heating I am told is good in a terrace house
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    I live in a 5 year old mid terrace townhouse and I am sitting in it as I am writing this and it is quiet. I very rarely hear the neighbours. Occasionally a creak, thud or murmur if they have guests and the windows open but nothing that disturbs me and in any case, that is only when my own house is dead quiet no TV, radio or dishwasher etc.
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    I often used to stay with a friend who rented a mid-terraced house. I think it was about ten years old.

    I was pleasantly surprised that there was practically no noise at all- just when the children on one side were running up/down stairs.

    The layout seemed to be hall-living room.
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    shrimper1 wrote: »
    The heating I am told is good in a terrace house

    It is. I pay about £700 per year for gas and electricity in my 3 bedroom townhouse
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    I would have preferred a semi-detached property, but I bought a mid terrace as it ticked most of my boxes. I thought all terraces were narrow and space was our priority, but this one is wide with high ceilings and has a fab kitchen extension on the back. Also we only hear our neighbours on one side due to not having much living space against one neighbour's house (hall, stairs, bathroom and boxroom) so it's like a semi in that respect. I do miss the storage space and potential of having a garage and our driveway is terribly small. However we have a massive loft and long garden so I'm happy with our choice.
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