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MSE News: Talk Talk customers to be hit with price hikes

edited 30 November -1 at 1:00AM in Phones & TV
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  • zerogzerog Forumite
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    jamesg123 wrote: »
    You can't leave if you signed up to line rental saver.. I signed up and prepaid 12 months upfront in August... If I leave they won't refund outstanding unused months? I need their Anytime Calls Boost so face price hikes... Thankyou TalkTalk

    They refunded mine pro-rata when I moved out of a property in 2013. I didn't tell them I moved out though, just cancelled.

    I don't know how many people are taking advantage of cashback, but I've paid practically nothing for my broadband for 2 years. I can understand why they need to raise prices if a lot of customers are effectively paying £10 for a whole year then switching. But I think we are in the minority.
  • NittyGrittyNittyGritty Forumite
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    yup I switch every year with cashback, don't see the point in staying with same company year on year when u can get a better overall deal with cashback included
  • I agreed a new deal with them for 18 mnths, are they entitled to increase the rental regardless of the contract? Paying monthly
  • NittyGrittyNittyGritty Forumite
    907 posts
    Tenth Anniversary 500 Posts Combo Breaker
    they can increase anytime they like if they wish, they already raised value line rental 3 times this year now.

    you have a choice once u receive notification of their increases by letter or email to leave free of charge or continue with them.
  • Would it not be fairer if Ofcom simply refused to allow telecoms companies to increase their charges to customers during their initial contract period e.g. 18 months? If I agree a monthly price of £X for 18 months, I don't expect that to go up a few weeks later. Come on Ofcom, get your act together.
  • edited 30 October 2014 at 12:04AM
    MillicentBystanderMillicentBystander Forumite
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    edited 30 October 2014 at 12:04AM
    Unbelievable increase on line rental! I use a company that effectively re-sell talktalk line rental and pay just £15.30/mth (including free evening and weekend calls and no min contract length)! In fact, it's only 27p per month more than if I was to pay 12 months line rental up front with talktalk. No idea how talktalk can justify this.
  • michaelsmichaels Forumite
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    Seems very strange the massive price rises in landline telecoms given I don't suppose costs have changed. I think it is a sector ripe for a full monopolies investigation.
    I think....
  • maddocks2379maddocks2379 Forumite
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    Its down to BT, BT are undertaking a massive fibre rollout (in my opinion to counter cable and make us keep the pointless landline) and have increased the line rental to cover this, all the other ISPs lease the line from BT so their costs will have increased too
  • Sneaky Talk Talk they have also reduced speedy payment discount from 15% to 10% from 1st Nov onwards.
  • Hi there, Re: Talk Talk price hike.

    I am a TT customer and we currently have a b/band package that is 3.50 a month (just gone up from 2.75 pm) + line rental. I also have 2 mobiles at a total cost of £20.00 pm. We don't use the landline at all because it is already too expensive when we have 1000 odd free mobile mins pm, is it only our line rental that will be affected by the new hikes? I would ask TT themselves if their customer service staff only had a reasonable command of the English (Geordie!) language and didn't just read from scripts, asking a question or trying to pre-empt them really puts the cat amongs the pigeons and seriously puts them off their stride!! Many thanks.
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