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MSE News: Petrol price falls help inflation slip down

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"Inflation dropped to 3.2% last month as petrol prices fell, the Office of National Statistics says..."
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Petrol price falls help inflation slip down


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  • Helen you seem very pro conservative these days as you seem to think it actually makes a big difference to our lives.

    So it came down a few pence, not real difference to many of us. If it dropped back down to 90ppl then that would be serious progress but a few pence is nothing.

    As for inflation, I've not heard anyone worry about that either. They're all too worried about the cost of living. Inflation is something MPs panic about when it gets close to election time.
  • TotalityTotality Forumite
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    I've ready a number of articles on MSE this year about petrol prices falling...strange how prices haven't really fallen though.

    Not a fan of these "news" pieces relating to prices at the pump, must admit...
  • AdrianCAdrianC Forumite
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    As for inflation, I've not heard anyone worry about that either. They're all too worried about the cost of living.

    I'd love to hear your suggestions as to the difference between the two...

    Petrol hasn't been 90p since early 2007. The £1.28 I paid the other day is the cheapest it's been since Feb '11, going by
  • TowserTowser Forumite
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    Is "" still the best place to find the cheapest petrol/diesal around? or are there better places nowadays?
  • marlotmarlot Forumite
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    Going by the price of oil, we should be paying a LOT less for our fuel.
  • motorguymotorguy Forumite
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    Fuel prices are down in real terms

    I can remember paying 135.9p per litre back in mid 2008 locally here for diesel.

    Last week i paid 128.9p per litre in Tescos - an 8p per litre off i'd gathered, so 120.9p.

    Also anyone bother by fuel prices should by now have moved to something more economical. Back in 2008 i'd a 3.0TDI averaging 30mpg, these days i've a 1.6TDI average 66mpg.
  • ElkyElkyElkyElky Forumite
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    I wasn't driving back when fuel prices were below the £1 mark but was it actually any different than today? I'm assuming minimum wage (or wages in general) would have been considerably lower so I guess even when it was at the 90p mark, did everyone think/find/etc it still to be expensive in comparison to their income? Or was it affordable for the majority?
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  • sh0597sh0597 Forumite
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    Engine technology has made fuel prices less of a concern for most people.
  • worried_jimworried_jim
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    I was paying an average of £1.35 per gallon of petrol in 2012. I've paid an average of £1.32 this year. Filled up at Tesco everytime. Most I've paid was £1.39 27/11/2012 and the cheapest is right now this month £1.26.

    My salary has increased by a few £k's over the last three years so in real terms petrol is even cheaper to me. Shame that in 2012 I was driving a car that did 27mpg and now I have one that does 18mpg. D'oh!
  • I do about 5,000 miles a year, and the petrol is around £700 a year, but depreciation, insurance, servicing and road tax could easily be £2,000. I don't worry about the petrol.
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