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MSE News: The CPP redress scheme was a failure

edited 10 October 2014 at 6:09PM in Reclaim PPI & other insurance
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  • I left it till the last minute and CPP said they would post the info to arrive on t he last friday. In fact it did not arrive until the following monday. The post mark even indicated it was not posted until after the final receive by date.

    I phoned and they told me to send recorded delivery forms with an explanation. I scanned the letter date to show them they sent it out too late. I was told that it was discretionary as to whether my submission would be accepted. HEARD NOTHING

    Also one member of my household never even received the forms.

    All this is recorded on their phone systems too.
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    Nobody manning the telephones now either...
    The scheme is closed so of course the phone lines set up for that purpose are gone too. CPP can still be contacted.
  • MINION40 wrote: »
    I sent my form back in plenty of time, but had to amend the address on it as I had moved since receiving it. I have heard nothing back. Has anyone else experienced this ?
    Hi, this happened to me and despite telling them my new address they still posted to the old one. I got a cheque but via my old address fortunately the new people forwarded on to me
  • MINION40 wrote: »
    I sent my form back in plenty of time, but had to amend the address on it as I had moved since receiving it. I have heard nothing back. Has anyone else experienced this ?

    You will need to call them and quote your policy numbers and tell them about your change of address. I amended my form but my first cheque went to my old address. Thankfully I'm still in contact with where I used to live and I got my cheque so I called them and gave them my new address. They won't amend it from the change on the form. I just got my 2nd cheque this week so have received a total of £945 in total. Very happy.
    I hope that you can get them to sort it out for you and its not too late.
  • Just to let you know, thanks to your page, I am now sitting with a cheque for over £570. My hubby said we wouldn't get anything! Ha ha! I tried with the form you had put on this website, but that didn't work so I went directly to Liverpool Victoria Friendly Society. Who made us an offer! Thank you so much I'm really chuffed!
  • With all the cpp and ppi stuff still looming around I thought I would investigate a claim that Cpp offered me a couple of years ago as I hadnt heard an update from them after sending the appropriate claims forms back. I received a very blunt letter saying they had sent me a cheque and the cheque was over 6 months old so basically tough! I replied advising that I had never received such a letter and could they advise me of the details of the letter eg amount of cheque, where and when it was sent. Received my reply today saying it was sent back in April 2014 and confirming they will not reissue it. I never received it, I think I would remember as I'm not one to pass on 'free' money but should I give up, it was for £370 so no small amount but not thousands. I'm just not sure if I've got a leg to stand on? Any thoughts please
  • There have been a lot of cases of CPP claiming to have sent money but people not receiving it.

    I suggest you make a formal complaint to CPP and, if necessary, take it to FOS. It will cost you nothing to try but if it goes to FOS then they will pay a fee of £550 to argue the toss.
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