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October 2014 Grocery Challenge

edited 13 September 2014 at 7:35PM in Old Style MoneySaving
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  • lynnejklynnejk Forumite
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    craigywv wrote: »
    Hi all still battling emptying the freezers , went to get fruit on wed night in mr t and the great yellow sticker fairy was running around with her sticker gun i chose the exact time she was reducing got pork fillets the long skinny ones down to 50p from a fiver,turkey steaks / escalopes and legs from 30p to 50p, 2 massive chicken in garlic butter, 2 ordinary chickens, 6 casserole steak pack ,8 packs beef sausage and quite a bit more total spend 18.00 filled the trolley came home and it should have been nearer 140 quid. Also got 3 x 2.00 off 3 meat packs as offer on so got all the casserole meat free whatever way it works out. So thats my freezers filled again and i was nearing defrosting one !!! Couldnt pass up on the prices,trying to stay out of sm now till nearer christmas! Shall only get dairy and fruit and veg locally so no temptation!! Good luck all. Xxx
    WOW !! WOW!! What a haul eh. Don't think you could pass on that eh :)
    Don't know about the veg things as never buy ready prepped veg and buy fresh except frozen peas, sweetcorn and broad beans when out of season.

    I usually look for YS and freeze some myself such as runner beans and baby carrots and have as a treat for C*.
    Is it really worth spending £30 I don't need to spend right now to get £5 off?
    I always do if I can get stuff I would buy anyway, which will keep and I will use up eventually. We drink wine (different budget) so if pushed would use it for that rather than waste it. Maybe treat yourself for some C* drinkies or something ;)

    Had to ask DH to bring some milk home - £1.29 :mad: Managing to eat some of the freezer stuff so slowly going down. Will just need eggs, fruit and veg and stuff for packups tomorrow :)

    Hope you all have a sizzling Saturday
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  • piglet27piglet27 Forumite
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    A very early good morning to all,

    Spends of £64 (rounded) at aldee yesterday on loads of meat (to restock freezer), fruit, veg, salad, eggs and breakfast items. Quite pleased with that really.

    Also went to b & m and mr T, spending just over £14 in each but some items don't come out of this budget so will check after the sun rises :)

    Hope everyone has a fantastic Saturday and get some great savings.

    Sarah x
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  • cattysmumcattysmum Forumite
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    First spends of the month for me yesterday, Aldi £6.50 on super 6 veg and fruit and nuts and then on to Lidl £36, :mad:Grrrrr:mad: had a facebook moc for Lidl for £5 off wys £30 but did not read T and Cs only valid for Saturday and sunday, but still got loads for my money, including 2 big packs of pork steaks on offer two for £8 so they have been split up and put in the freezer.
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  • Well I've gone completely haywire with the £1 a day budget this month...buying food for walking trip with son and getting Morrys loyalty card....they had so many offers on the other day, it would have been daft not to take advantage:o...still the food will last a while so I'll see what my totals are for the next couple of months
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  • dingdongsavingdingdongsaving Forumite
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    I'll need fruit only this coming week but am going to Morrys to check out offers that may store until C*. Been to Te**o the last 3 shops and not impressed by the offers and found very little yellow sticker so heading back to Morrys. :)
    We're so well stocked at the moment...we've taken our budget down as we just don't need it in groceries (so it's being added to the savings transfer at the end of the month) and we still think we'll have £40 or so at the end of this month to help spread the prep for xmas :starmod::staradmin as we're using so much freezer stuff. I always try and spread the C* :xmassmile holiday food (and gift) shopping...hate the pressure of having massive shops to to on a deadline and when it's so :eek: crowded. Plus, family & friends visiting are all organised now so our meal plan for the 20th-27th is done. I always love planning for visitors. :T We live quite a long way away from my mum, sister, ILs etc, so lots of lovely family time and some tasty baking, breakfasts, meals and suppers never go amiss with them around. :D
    Ok. Off to clean upstairs as I only found the motivation for downstairs yesterday! Haha.
  • HappygreenHappygreen Forumite
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    I did all the shopping, even went to Lidl to bag the peppers on offer, also Olive oil and a few other bits. Have started to get small stocking fillers for the teens I will take off the receipts and alsso any booze is excluded from the budget. Updating signature day today ....moment of truth
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  • SoworriedSoworried Forumite
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    I tried to make some buns like the subway Italian cheese and herb bread and they are lovely:j Here is the recipe in case anyone wants it.

    500g bread flour
    1 tbsp sugar
    1 tsp salt
    8g dried yeast
    4 tbsp oil
    1 tsp mustard powder
    1 tbsp of Italian herbs
    handful of grated cheese

    Mix everything but the cheese together. Add water a bit at a time until it forms a sticky dough. Kneed for 5 mins. Leave to prove for 15-20 mins then knock back and kneed again.

    Grease a baking sheet then split the dough in to 12 equal sized balls. Spread out on the baking sheet and put somewhere warm to prove. After they have grown to around 4 times their size top with a handful of grated cheese and pop in to a cold oven. Then turn the oven on 200degrees. Bake for 20 minutes or until golden brown.
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  • rosiebenrosieben Forumite
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    Soworried, I've added your Cheese and Herb Bread to the recipe index :)
    ... don't throw the string away. You always need string! :D

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  • lynnejk wrote: »
    Well done on jointing a chicken and all the baking :dance:

    Thank you :)

    Tomorrow I plan on trying out a Smarties Cookie recipe ready for the party and as the oven is on at the right temperature I am going to make a quiche for the first time ever! I'm making a smoked salmon, chive and brocolli quiche for our lunch(es). Only shame is DD is still dairy free (she is 10 months) so she will have to have something else. I have bought some lacto free cheese today though so she can have the planned muffin pizzas and quesadillas for lunch in the week with DS and me.

    Spend update:

    9th £13.09
    10th £4.93 after APG coupons
    11th £15.37 and £12.75 - picked up a few super 6 meat and veg items.

    Hoping tomorrow is an NSD as did a biggish shop today covering most of what we need for the following week. Still need to get a few things in the week and am hoping to get YS muffins and wraps for lunches :)

    Soworried that bread sounds yummy! I'll have to try it soon.
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  • bmmabmma Forumite
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    internet down last couple of days,(provider, not me) will catch up on Monday as it looks like it is going down again x
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