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This is the discussion to link on the back of Martin's 'PPI Campaign Suffers: Weekend Horribilis' blog. Please read the blog first, and then click reply to discuss.


  • rammy007rammy007 Forumite
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    Its fantastic to have you back,and i know i speak for a lot of people i have been absolutely lost without this site,keep up the good work!
  • Nice to see the site back. Make sure you use this attack to the sites advantage.
  • newnew Forumite
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    rammy007 wrote: »
    Its fantastic to have you back,and i know i speak for a lot of people i have been absolutely lost without this site,keep up the good work!

    :T absolutely! adding my thanks for all the good work done by this unique web-site and shame on the attackers!:mad:
  • CAECAE Forumite
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    Well done Martin :money: and all of your team :beer: for getting the site up and running again. :T :T Let's hope the site can stay up and running and we can beat the rotten so and so's who have set out to destroy such a fantastic informative and friendly site and forum. I already pass on the details of this site to practically everyone I meet, and think I might have become an MSE bore (if there is such a thing!). If everyone continues to pass on details of this site then perhaps we can go some way to making up for the weekends loss.

    If there is anything we can do to help I'm sure you will have the support of all MSE'ers. The site has been up and running for 30 minutes, and already there are 2348 users online, of which 1778 are guests, so people are finding their way to the site. I notice all the big guns are online as well. :D

  • mintymoneysavermintymoneysaver Forumite
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    So glad you're back, I've missed you!
  • Will it be possible to find out where the attack came from? So happy to see you back though.

    There was Martin worrying that we would all find somewhere else to go:confused: Not a chance mate. We are MSE addicts:rotfl::rotfl:
  • whymewhyme Forumite
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    Only one thing to say..... Thanks to you martin and everyone who makes this site what it is.
    Thank you
  • I was just so disillusioned to realize that there could be such callous people - I've only read about evil in life and such malicious activities - for once now experienced it and was so upset and angry on behalf of several who seek guidance so desperately from these forums on money related matters. I felt for the forum team too - very much - everything you've done is very much appreciated.

    And back to the PPI campaign - this is one fantastic cause - come to think of it actually there's an element of deviousness about these companies - they pretend doing a great favor for the individual who has borrowed whilst all the while they make us pay premiums to protect themselves from compromising with profits specially when you think of how they misell their products.
  • Just before the site went down, I had a huge problem with my bank.
    A nasty random attack threatening to bancrupt me I had done nothing.
    All sorted big appology from bank see "what am I supposed to do " under credit card bit.
    I relied on this site to get me through those few days or was it hours.
    Thankyou to this site and those who helped.
  • I am happy that this site is back up and running.

    Why would anyone attack this site, it does not make any money off us.
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