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Hi all! Ive just joined slimming world on doctors advice . I've budgeted the £5 weekly cost as my pocket money, its the only time I go out and socialise.
But....has anybody been able to stick to the plan and a budget?
The nearest aldi or lidl is 20miles away and as I can't drive it'd be £14 round trip on the bus as I'd have the children in tow.
The only local shops are Sainsburys and Tesco and co op little shops which seem very expensive.
I'm planning to do weekly online shop to help budget but I'm concerned. I'm keen to hear if anybody's done it. Many thanks
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  • Hey :) You'll be able to do it look in the little shops at the right times for bargains! Eggs will become your best friend, boil a few at a time for snacks, bulk buy things like ham and mug shots when they're on offer, a weekly online shop is probably the way to go but make sure you have the staples in your cupboard to keep on track :) It can be done I assure you xx
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    It can indeed be done on a budget. I do all my shopping in Sainsbury's:

    - the frozen berry mix is £1.29 and superfree. I divide it into 5 and mix each portion with some porridge (HEB of porridge oats made with water and a tsp of basics honey) and that's breakfast done during the week.

    - Frozen mixed veg is great for adding to the side of any meal and will increase the amount of superfree you're getting.

    - Adapt recipe's: A lot of jack monroe's frugal recipes's can be adapted for SW. I love the carrot and kidney bean burgers - I just leave out the flour and fry them in some frylite instead of oil. Great for a green day!

    - I tend to keep to snacking on clemetines, bananas and kiwi fruit as I can get them cheap compared to some of the other fruits

    - Batch cooking: I find that by bulking out my meals with superfree veg, I can stretch them further. By adding some frozen mixed peppers, lentils, grated carrot and courgette to a simple bolognase, I can make about 5 or 6 portions from one pack of lean mince.

    Hope that helps and good luck on your SW journey!
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  • Definitely doing the berry porridge breakfast idea, that sounds yum!
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