MSE News: Bought a secondhand mobile phone? Insuring it may prove difficult

Many providers refuse to insure mobile phones that are used, bought on auction sites, or older than 18 months...
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Bought a secondhand mobile phone? Insuring it may prove difficult


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  • persoannly i find the idea of insuring your mobile phone at all a bit odd tbh
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    Actually I'm quite surprised MSE hasn't got around to talking about reclaiming mis-sold mobile phone insurance by now.

    I was given a policy with the first 3 months free. I checked the details - no cover for calls made while stolen, replace handset at wholesale cost, with a £15 excess.

    I reckoned the phone was only worth £15, so the £7 a month policy had no value at all. I cancelled it before they started charging from the 4th month, only to discover they'd already collected the first premium 3 weeks early. They eventually refunded about a month and a half after I complained.

    Some people might not notice these things.
  • Seems Insure2go have changed their minds recently(?) .. so don't provide insurance (my reading of the article made me believe they may)
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