Antibiotics causing incontinence in 6yo?

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My granddaughter is 6 and has been on antibiotics for a nasty ear infection. She will have the last dose today. In the last 12 hours she has wet herself 3 times, which is very unusual. She seemed to need the loo so suddenly that she was too late. In the night she woke up for the loo but was actually peeing as she was getting out of bed but didn't realise what was happening, then this morning, only 3 hours later, she had a wet bed again. The previous night she woke up twice for the loo, she made it in time but it's unusual for her to need the loo at night.
I wonder if it could be the antibiotics (amoxicillin) causing it as that is the only thing that is different. Any experiences of this happening? She has had amoxicillin several times before as she is prone to ear infections, but we've never had this issue before.


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    This is really medical advice. :(

    Had she drunk quite a lot yesterday? Maybe without anyone knowing?

    Antibiotics can cause fungal conditions to develop, and things like Thrush start off 'downstairs' - so a bladder infection is not beyond the realms of possibility.

    Get her to the Dr if the frequent peeing continues.
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