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September 2014 Grocery Challenge

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  • Notice posters buying Vanish - no need. I use cheapest -Aldi or something on offer - liquid wash... pour a tiny bit on to stain (if washing white items you can put a teaspoon of thin (cheaper) bleach on the stain) along with the dose in machine. Then let machine fill with water and run for a couple of revolutions then switch off (overnight?) for a good soak. Switch on to wash in the morning and see brilliant results!
  • It goes without saying your machine will be full!
  • SoworriedSoworried Forumite
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    I had a spend of £6 today on ys fish, prawns and scones.

    I now need to do a meal plan to get through the next week. I'll do that in the morning. I want to use up the things I've had the longest.
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  • TowserTowser Forumite
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    I have been converted to mysupermarket and I even mostly shop from Aldi now. I have been looking at the food forums to try and get it lower.

    I just wish there was some kind of spreadsheet with all the cheapest foods per gram to buy. I would make up recipes with the cheapest foods with a recipe finder. There must be a shopping list for this somewhere.

    I have been trying to find out what people buy per month when they are being frugal. Their basic shopping list.
  • £6.77 today - got a Garn!er shampoo and a conditioner today half price each in Morry's also brought some tomatoes and a melon.
    Spent a couple of hours in the kitchen and made 20 portions of plum crumble, meat & potato pie filling is cooked ready to have pastry on it tomorrow - should be about 10 portions, 2 tubs of beef stock for the freezer and also frozen a portion of chicken curry that was left.
    MARCH £62.38/250
  • Did the weekly shop in aldi so £20.47 spent. Did a bare minimum shop, so mainly milk, fruit, veg, ham and yoghurts. Pleased with that. Will do a big shop next week.

    Had chicken burgers in buns, wedges and salad for tea. The chicken burgers were huge and the buns were just normal roll size. So I cut a burger in half for the kids so they each had half a chicken burger in a while bread roll. It was still massive for them and hubby had one chicken burger, cut in half between two rolls, he said he was so full after dinner and this was such a cheap meal!
    So three chicken burgers (£1), 5 rolls (less than 50p), 1/3 cucumber (15p), tomatoes (homegrown from the garden), lettuce (homegrown from the garden), wedges ( 6 potatoes from a massive sack about 40p???)
    So meal for 2 adults and two children for about £2. Ok not brilliant for nutrition (although there was lots of salad) but great for a Saturday night treat.

    Oh just thought I bought the chicken burgers from farmfoods, 6 In a pack and they were three packs for £5 so even cheaper (about 80p for three chicken burgers!)
    Grocery challenge-
    J- 52.40/£200 M- 187.56 A- 212.93 M-193.44 F-201.31 J- 240.62 D- £149.27 N- £210.69 O- 196.80
    S- 213.68 A- £213.03 J- 249.66 J-206.29, M- 252.91, A-£250, M- £250

    debt free as of feb 2015. Now saving for deposit for new house! Moving in June 2015!!!
  • Ellie_BBEllie_BB Forumite
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    Reporting in at month end at £253.33/£250 so quite happy with that :D now off to the oct thread and hoping I can do better :)
  • Saver-upperSaver-upper Forumite
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    For a few weeks on the Slimming World thread people have been talking about Ryvita crispbreads.Well,I haven't eaten them for years,but looked at them in a couple of different supermarkets this week.Wasn't prepared to pay £1.80-odd.I told myself when I see them for £1 a packet,I will buy them.Well,out and about today,I saw them advertised for £1/pkt in Sainsbury.Walked in,spent £2 on ryvitas,and bought nothing else :j.
    Total spend for the month is £281.72/£300.
    SPC #108 :staradminx 8.SPC7=£751.10 SPC8=£651.04 SPC9=£843.00 SPC10=£872.76
    Pinecone £301,Valued Opinions £10.50

  • Spent much more than I anticipated at Mr T's tonight. Then also went to Ald* and spent in there too. However I got lots of stuff in that I need for all the packed lunches next week. Plus a joint of pork and a big pack of mince.

    Anyway, £42.04p in Mr T's after my MOC's and £21.07 in Ald*. So £63.11p to add.

    Still don't even have everything I need. Need flavoured water for packed lunches but will send my parents to Ice*and tomorrow with £3 for 3 packs of 4 so I don't spend even MORE! Money already out my purse for them so will add that to make a total of £66.11p

    Working all day tomorrow so will try and work on my meal plan tomorrow night. Probably should have done that BEFORE i went shopping. Never mind!

    CP xx
    Slimming World Challenge 2017 0/30.5lb

    Grocery challenge 2017 JAN: £5.56/£350
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    CaterinaCaterina Forumite
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    I now realised it was a mistake to start a grocery challenge in the middle of the chaos of renovating the kitchen. Too much stress, too little planning, not enough tools to cook from scratch, all these factors have contributed to my failure to stick to the budget.

    I was just about managing, though, and so were my family members, when life threw us a curved ball, a rather traumatic event that has left us all shaken.

    In this emotional environment I need to hold my family together with care, treats and a small modicum of extravagance.

    Stressful days meant no energy to cook in difficult circumstances and resulted in the odd takeaway.

    Then we had an unexpected guest stay with us and no full kitchen facilities, meaning we got fish and chips.

    On this occasion we entered our brand new kitchen for the first time and felt we needed a celebration, so Prosecco and chocolate truffles were part of it. And a celebration was very much needed, lots of fun and very healing in many ways.

    In the greater scheme of things I still managed to bust the budget in a controlled way, using special offers, vouchers, YSs etc.., but busted it is, no two ways about it.

    Lessons learnt:

    1. Create a general budget before tackling the GC, for example have separate budget figures for entertainment, treats etc.

    2. Do not enter the challenge in the middle of a stressful and protracted kitchen refurbishment. No brainer, in hindsight.

    3. PLAN. Plan, plan, plan. In advance. For contingencies. For emergencies. For those days when only a takeaway will do.

    4. Have a stock of easy frozen meals for days when all you want to do is crash on the sofa.

    5. Budget realistically, factoring in bulk buy, or alternatively have a separate bulk buy budget heading and reduce the day to day budget accordingly.

    6. Budget for holidays separately and adjust regular budget accordingly.

    So, on this occasion I failed to plan and it went a bit pear shaped. Not by much, mind you. Taking into account all the factors, it could have been a lot worse. We are not hundreds of pounds out, we have a lot of food in the house, we are still solvent and as a family we are prepared to keep to a budget.

    Next month will be better planned, in advance, and I hope to be back on the October GC, all bright eyed and bushy tailed, with a brand new budget and a brand new kitchen to make it all happen.

    I would love to have comments and suggestions from experienced GC veterans, to be able to meet my next challenge successfully. Thank you.
    Finally I'm an OAP and can travel free (in London at least!).
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