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  • Day 25/31

    Rain rain rain rain rain... what a miserable bank holiday.

    £20 to add to my saving pot... goes to the bills at the end of the month..

    £4.00 ebay sale too add to.. at the end of the month the ebay sales will be added to the monthly saving pot.. pay the bills.....will start again on day 1/30.

    No special savings today fancied soup for tea so managed to get decent 3 tin for £2.. cheap tea much what we fancied, filling too.
  • Day 26/31
    Don't you just hate bank holiday weather... then Tuesday always feels like a Monday don't it..
    So I've put my saving pot into the bank today., then transfered into the bills account. Its gone and covered all the house bills this end of month, so I don't need to touch my wages this month, seeing that my wages won't be a lot due to the sick note.
    Today I've posted the ebay items, the ebay sales money as been transfered to the bank also towards the bills...
    I found a knock down bargin today for tea. Pasta bake for £1.60. And a crusty loaf of bread £0.80p sorted.....
    Can't wait to restart a new month.. I need to do this, returning money to our bank account, get rid of some of this clutter I've collected over the years... time to blitz.
    Tomorrow is another day. And not yet the end of the month.lso my dd is getting married next year now I gotta save and contribute some where...
    Good night mse world. X
  • Day 31/31
    its the last day of the month. yippee... ready for the new month ahead. lots of ideas. lots of things to do... watch my space....
  • Day1/30

    Yay 1st day of a new month and a Monday too, can't be bad can it....

    Well I've got dd no1 arranging a wedding for next Sept... its all wedding talk, cake talk, bridesmatd talk, dress talk, you name it she's talking about it.. so bargin hunting a must now, also I got to start being more strict with my diet... can't be a huge mamma on her wedding day, can I.......

    So will be trying to get my debts paid alittle quicker, also xmas is coming..

    Bargin shopping today,, 2 prepared mash potatos , that's for the freezer, wraps cheap 0.38p. So chicken taken out the freezer for tomorrows nights tea... and prepaired carrots,, in to the freezer they go.

    Right then time to re enter on ebay

    Catch you all later...
  • Day2/30

    Aw its been a lovely sunny day, enjoyed being with no 1 daughter today.. she took me to our large superstore..did a bit of shopping

    Got 2k stew pack of veg cheap today for 30p.. so I've washed, peeled and chopped and froze them ready for winter.. will eat like kings at next to nothing price...

    Still items to add onto ebay. Hopefully do this Wednesday.

    Looking forward to visiting friends next week, little holiday with the hubby..
  • Day 3/30

    Another busy day but the sun made it nice...

    No ebay sales but 4 new items added. Hopefully get some bids on soon.
    No bargins bought today.. a very good cleaning house day today, sparkling kitchen.
  • Day 4/30

    Another sunny day in my world...

    Bargins today...... mince beef half price and beef stir fry half price... split into two and froze.... so for the price of £4. I have 4 meals for the two of us, lots more bargins to be had eyes wide open...

    No bids on ebay...

    One day nearer my trip.
  • December.... omg what happened? I've really lost my way.. in need of major support from you guys out there...
    I've completely lost my way. Lost my vocation, lost my mojo.
    No better off, probably worse off. And feeling very sorry about myself.
    I know I've put myself in this situation and I've put my dhubby in this mess too. He must be feeling this stress now. I know I've got to get this sorted and get out of this dark hole I've got us into.
    How I'm not sure as one I'm not working, two we are moving house and three I'm awaiting a opperation now so that's probably another month of waiting and etting over it..
    We were planning a move for the better and a better life but this one sucks at the moment, I need to get back on track, but with a feeling of depression a unknowing of the opperation and christmas I wish would do one.. any help advice ( not critasisim ) please
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    Don't want to read and run but truly not sure what to say other than to focus on your health as I'm assuming the op means something isn't right. As for the other stuff, it'll keep. You've made inroads before and can again. Once you've the move out of the way, why not post an soa and clever folks will tell you how to trim costs. Take care
    Mortgage at 01.01.14 £119,481.83:eek: today £39407.60 Offset fund today 5178.03 0
    Emergency fund £5.5/5.5k & £200/200 cash.:j
    Weight 24/02/19 14st 7lb now 12 st 9lb
    determined to stop defining myself by my mistakes.
    Progress not perfection.:T
  • Thankyou in need of direction... that's just what I need.. yes got to have a op, as and when , the sooner the better, house sale is hanging about maybe because solicitors don't want to work at christmas..
    Will sort myself out in the newyear, really fell off the ladder with reducing debts after I did so well. Xx
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