The Totally Awesome August NSD Challenge!

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  • fedupandskintfedupandskint Forumite
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    Coming in with NSD 24 to complete August with
    final unsecured debt to repay currently £8333
    Proud to be Dealing With my Debt
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  • kerri_gtkerri_gt Forumite
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    Just wanted to say well done to everyone with your Aug totals, whether targets were met or not, every NSD is an achievement as is changing the way we think about spending which is what this challenge is all about.

    Thanks for all the hard work counting our totals and awarding our prizes marmite and thanks to Igor for keeping us fed and watered ;)
    Feb 2015 NSD Challenge 8/12
    JAN NSD 11/16

  • 11/12 for me for August fab for a first go will def better it next month x
    Aug NSD 11/12.Sept 2/15£71.53/£150Sept £5 a day.
  • lindorlindor Forumite
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    NSD #11 to finish off August :)
  • mobo1980mobo1980 Forumite
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    Good morning :)

    so I managed 12/16for august :( nevermind but have realised something I actually spend sometimes just so I have change for busfares/bincleaner/etc don't know how to get round this

    well done everyone :)

    Mobo xx
    TOTAL DEBT £20,571.58 :eek:
    Then there's the mortgage :o
  • t2rryt2rry Forumite
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    Happy September peeps!

    So, where did I get to before the weekend....17. Friday was certainly NSD #18

    Saturday was NSD #19 according to my new rules (underspent according to budget yay!)

    Sunday was another so...ta dah!!! NSD #20, by a nose! Again!

    I'm sure that's at least my 5-in-a-row target achieved...I think it might actually be 7-in-a-row but I don't have the energy this monday morning to go back & check!
    2020: Paid off £13,877.08
    2021: Paid off £19,683.09
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    Next Step... Additional Savings/Sinking Fund £6,800/£10,000
  • AphidgirlAphidgirl Forumite
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    Just to confirm my total for august was

    10/10 NSD's :j

    Well done everyone else!
    Starting 2016 debt-free :D
    Emergency Fund: £350/£1000
  • I wasn't at all good at checking in with progress but I did achieve 17/15 NSDs for the month including 3 lots of 3 in a row

    Well done to everyone and thanks for all the hard work in keeping this site updated and members motivated
  • NargleblastNargleblast Forumite
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    Well, have done a quick county up thing, and I think we have collected somewhere between 50 and 60 NSDs since marmite last updated on the 27th. There were 284 festering away in the Cauldron of Doom then, so I reckon we will finish the month on something like 350 NSDs? Can't be any more precise because there are still some people due to post in and anyway, my brain is half fried after doing three extremely busy night shifts in a row.

    IGOR, I hope you have stocked up the freezer with all the ice creams marmite is going to have to give out! What have you got? Hmm, plain vanilla, pistachio and gherkin, Rocky road surprise (so that's why the A1M was closed off yesterday), lark' s vomit ripple, carrot and herring Neapolitan....only 2 vanilla, Igor? Oh, you thought people would prefer the other flavours so you got more of them?

    Ok, guys, fight you for the vanilla ice cream....
    One life - your life - live it!
  • Using my rules for August, finished with another NSD on the 31st to end with 8/10. Not great, but looking forward to a better month in September. :)
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