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We live in rented accommodation and our boiler must be over 20 years old. It's a Glow Worm Ultimate 40 BF.

It's a two bed end terrace and costs a fortune to heat in winter.

We're thinking of signing up for another 6 months contract in September before we move next year and I'd like some information about having a newer, efficient boiler installed.

Our landlord told us last year that he doesn't mind us applying for some kind of government grant to get a replacement boiler but we were too busy with other things at the time.

If the landlord wants to rent out this house (as he has been doing for a few years) long term, isn't it in his best interest to apply for the grant or is it up to us to apply?

What's the deal with these grants? Will I have to stump up a couple of hundred pounds towards the cost of a new boiler or is it the landlords imperative?

I'd like to get the ball rolling if it's not going to cost us more than a couple of hundred pounds, so if anyone has any links to get me started that'd be appreciated.

The landlord is either too busy or doesn't seem too bothered about keeping the aged boiler, even though you'd think he would see it as a selling point to new lodgers when we move out in 7 months.

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