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My 18 year old daughter and boyfriend are going to sharm el sheikh for a week. What is the best way for them to take their spending money? I can't find anything very helpful online. Neither have a credit card. They are thinking of 50% cash and 50% on 'cash passport'. These seem quite new and I know nothing about them so can't advise her. I know they need lots of small change for tipping. Does 50% cash seem like a lot? Are they better taking less cash and using their debit cards and paying the charge?

Any help gratefully received! :-)


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    As far as tipping is concerned, I'd suggest lots of £1 coins and/or $1 US dollar bills. You will then often be asked by the porters, room attendants and waiters to change up a hand full of £1 coins into notes which they can then exchange at a bank. Tips are often really appreciated, small tips on a regular basis will often mean top class service.

    In terms of general spending, on both my trips to Egypt I have taken US Dollars but put main spending on my Halifax Clarity credit card. We have however been on all-inclusive plans so spending really limited to booking a few trips or a night or two out of the hotel.

    If you feel more comfortable with having some local currency, I'd suggest changing up a small amount when you arrive at Sharm airport. There are plenty of small bank kiosks in the arrivals area.
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    If they take any cash, I advise taking sterling and exchanging in Sharm. Exchange rate is better there and no commission is charged. Sorry cannot comment on cash passport cos I have never used them. I personally tip in small Egyptian currency.
    I know for a fact that £1 coins cannot be exchanged there and so they collect them up until they have £5 and then have to badger Brits to change them for a note so that they can then go to the exchange shop. Some people find this annoying.
    Also, I personally could not be bothered to change sterling to dollars ($1 notes only) and then travel to Egypt to give them out as tips. Small Egypian notes are readily available there.
    Having said that, they will of course accept everything and anything within reason and so you make your own mind up on which is best/most convenient for your own circumstances.
    Hope they enjoy their holiday!
  • We went all inclusive last year so didn't need much spending money but took £1 coins for tips (had some euro too which they took). They were very grateful if you gave them coins and also extremely grateful that you had actually chose to visit Egypt.

    We also had some British notes to pay for our entry visa which you buy when you arrive at the airport.

    Hope this helps.
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    You don't need an entry visa for Sharm. You only need one if you intend to leave Sharm during your holiday (day trip to Cairo for example).
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