smart radiator valves

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Has anybody used these?
Basically you swap the existing valve (no expertise needed) to one of these and you can program it to come on at a certain time and keep a certain temperature.Sound ideal to me because living in a house I am either upstairs or downstairs so it would be nice if I could heat only part of the house.
The snag.The valve is quite expensive £50-£60,works out cheaper if you buy several. It would make sense only if it paid for itself within a few years.
Anybody knows anything about these valves,please?


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    Pay your money and take your choice. What you are talking about here is the zoning of your home. I have taken the plunge and installed Evohome as a wood-burner that I had installed 4 years ago has upset the heating balance of the house. Control is simplicity itself but, as this is a money saving forum, I have admit that I am unlikely to recoup the cost in the short term. That said, the HW kit is already showing a saving of 25% and I calculate a ROI period for this element alone of about 2 years. There is a lot of information on t'internet about Evohome but there are other systems available.
  • It's all about recouping the cost of setting up the valves in your home as soon as possible to make them cost effective. Also, make sure if you move, you can take the valves with you! If it helps, Simon Turner, who invented Heat Genius, which uses these intelligent valves, said that for a 4 bedroomed solid wall house, you can recoup your costs in under 2 years which is a useful estimate. Bills are doing nothing but increasing (what is the Government doing?) and in the long run these clever little valves can help you save hundreds a year. I hope this helps.
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