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Hello. This is my first time posting so forgive me if I do anything wrong!

Basically I am looking for advice in regards to a appeal that got denied by IRCAS.

The story

Roughly a month ago I boarded a train, of which the station didn't have a ticket machine, but no worries, you can pay either cash or card on greater anglia. When It came to paying the conductors chip and pin wouldn't work. Don't know if it was with my card or what but it simply didn't work. Next and only stop was my destination, I said I will just pay there. Nope. Instead he gave me a ticket fine and said I had to call up some number and pay for it.

Why should I pay for it? It wasn't my fault. So I forgot about it for a while. Twenty one days later I receive a letter telling me it was my final notice to pay the charge of £75 (was originally £5) or I could potentially be summoned to court or have debt collectors come round my house.

After receiving the letter I of course appealed. Explaining that it is not my problem if Greater Anglia's equipment works or not. Five days later (today) I receive an email saying I still have to pay the fine for two reasons;

"Appeals must be submitted and received within IAS no later than 21 days from the date of issue. Clear instruction on appeal submission, including the timescales involved, are detailed on the Unpaid Fare Notice issued by Greater Anglia."

"Your appeal arrived at this office after the deadline. Having viewed this submission fully, there are no mitigating circumstances for consideration and the right to appeal has been forfeited."

Surly there are mitigating circumstances. Their equipment did not work! Meaning it was not my fault I couldn't pay. Meaning I shouldn't have got a ticket in the first place. 21 days appeal or not?

My questions to you guys

I mean seriously, what are my options? Am I not correct in thinking I shouldn't have got a fine due to their equipment not working? Making the whole process invalid.

How much further can I take it? I mean there saying this is it. Pay the fine or it "may result in Greater Anglia taking further action to recover the outstanding debt." Is there no one else I can talk to?

I know they have a direct number but it is damn hard to get hold of them. Is it worth calling them up? What more can I say?

If anyone can give me some advice it would be much appreciated. Thank you so much.


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