Alternative To Yorkshire Tea

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Hi there,

Yorkshire Tea no longer seem to provide the two cup tea bags. The messaging has disappeared from their packaging and there is definitely a difference in taste (no longer as strong).

I have been an avid drinker of Yorkshire Tea and this has been the only brand I have purchased since 2003 however it's no longer as good as it used to be.

Does anyone have good alternatives for strong tea?


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    Morrisons own-brand Assam tea bags are a good flavour as well as
    nice and strong.
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  • I like a strong cuppa too and quite like the Builders Tea. Think its about £1.80 for 80 tea bags - not sure how that compares?

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    I'm happy with Sainsbury's Fairtrade Red Label. You can buy a small pack (40 teabags for 70p) if you want to give them a try.
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    Sainsbury's Assam teabags are very good, too - strong and not too badly priced. It's the only teabag tea I'll drink - and about the only reason I ever bother to cross Sainsbury's threshold these days!
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  • I have to second the Sainsbury´s Assam tea, its really nice.
  • Lidl and Aldi both do a great gold brand. I was a sucker for years for Yorkshire Gold which are very expensive. I've now been converted and I'm more that happy with either brand. I suggest you give them a try at least.
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    I love strong tea and cannot drink the normal typhoo and pg tips brands, we do drink Yorkshire tea now as we buy it cheap as chips from Pundstretcher but I always use 2 bags, not very MSE but still works out at a bargain as Poundstretcher always have the 50% extra free boxes fro a discount price.

    Failing this my other brand is Clipper Organic which is an excellent 1 bag solution, more expensive than the every day brands but not premium pricing. Try it, it makes a lovely cuppa :)
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    I'm another one that can testify that Sainsbos Red Label makes a good 2 strong cups per bag (or used to, at any rate).

    I always have huge mugs - 400ml - and a Lidl Knightsbridge English breakfast teabag does the job nicely.

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