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    The FCA regulates these ads and has a convenient form for reporting misleading financial promotions. Martin has conveniently explained why this advertising is misleading to consumers and a link to his blog post may be helpful.

    Financial service providers should not really be encouraging misunderstanding of financial products and how they work, including competing products. That is a disservice to the financial education that people need, adding confusion instead of clarity to the market.

    Only a few days ago the FCA published the warning FCA says firms must do more to ensure financial promotions do not mislead.

    There are a lot of products out there. If you see a financial promotion that you think is misleading please help the FCA to do their job by reporting it to them.
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    Well done, Martin, that was an excellent blog and leaves very little for Natwest to argue back on.

    Why do these banks assume us all to be lazy and stupid? Why can't they realise that a good proportion of people will want to clear their debts and remove that 'tarnish' - especially with so much support around in MSE and other locations now.
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    I find it hard to disagree with your logic, Martin.

    But my gut instinct says that you are wrong.
    Why do these companies offer 0% deals if not to get your interest after the deal has ended?
  • Sounds like banks havent changed one bit to me!
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