Skint First time Buyer - superb savings succeses


I've joined this site as i used to throw money around like confetti, but now in the process of moving out of my parents and faced the daunting reality of life in the "real world!" Like a man on a mission, i have managed to cut costs in the following areas IN 1 WEEK with not a lot of effort. I am comparing these savings to how i would have bought them "normally" in the shops or without haggling....

1/ Kenwood Eon Kettle - £28, ebay, factory opened box, RRP £80
2/ 15" FLatscreen TV - £87, same as above, RRP £189
3/ Plasma screen fixings - £3, same as above, RRP for £18 in shops
4/ New vacuum claener for £15, tesco value range
5/ 2 IKEA Klippan Sofa's - £30!!, ebay 1 day auction, RRP £240 the pair
6/ My friend owns a health club and got me a box of 100 Wilkinson Sword razors, 90 x 50ML Dove body wash samples and 45 x Dove body 50ML moisterisers for FREE, worth around £150 in total
7/ I got the developers of my new flat to pay £150 towards conveyancing - of which i had got the solicitors down to £500, so £350.
8/ £1000 off the price of my new flat (its brand new, thats the best i could do)
9/ i SWITCHED my Virgin active gym membership via pruhealth - instead of the £708 annual corporate rate, i now pay £484 including the £115 Quidco rebate

So just from the above already in 1 week i saved £2056...:T :T :T i bought most of my house contents from Ikea, but i wont even go there! :o

I dont mean to brag, but when you are a first time buyer, this all helps and i'm really chuffed!! :j

When i move in pretty soon, i'll be going in fully armed to save on the utilities and insurance.. using the cashback system of course!! :beer:
I never missed a payment :T , I paid off all my credit cards :T , I paid of all my loans :T , i have a work mobile :T - but am now "medium" credit risk :confused:


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