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For the love of money....

my journey as been like a rollercoaster.. some days up and others down.. making ends meet and watching every penny, too spending the money that you so rightly earned... As long as we pay the mortgage we are afloat...
So nothing is really worse and nothing is really bad now.. we still have the house which we have never missed a payment. we still pay all the bills on time.... we still have a job each, what we don't have is time for each other, quality of life or savings....
we both don't like our jobs. but as we see it a jobs a job at the moment..
So im returning to my diary... as I know I was on track with being focused when I came her...
So what has changed....
my husbands loan debt is completed at the end of this month. yeeha.... better off by £350 a month.......maybe now we will be feeling better off too. time will tell about September I guess.
I picked up some cleaning work in between my full time job. I don't mind it gives me a chance of doing something different than my normal job.
My focus is on ebay this coming month. my aim is to enter at least 5 items daily to my page.. restoring my ebay cash pot.
One step at a time....


  • Day 7.. Nothing but rubbish this year has become. job is rubbish and im not going back....
    Cant afford to not have a job, so will have to try and better the last one. phoned in sick today but I know its not for me....

    so after the weekend I will be up and running in areas of getting a chance and doing everything I need to do to get a job... any ideas feel free to advise. I had to leave before I flew for a colleague....
  • Day 14.

    1. Sold a item on ebay today, first of many I hope.

    2. Got a 2lb bag of potatoes for 23p bargin.

    3. Getting some ideas together how to make some extra cash,
  • Day 15.
    Today I need to start being more savvi with cash, decipline myself with money.
    So I've got a little cash today to add to my bills money. Around 30.00 so that will help towards my monthly bills, halfway through the month now.
    Got a idea to make a little money. Not a big profit but it might keep me occupied through the coming winter months, and give me a interest. Will let you know more as I go along.

    Got my shopping coupons yesterday, got 2 and 1 for a family member too. Buy the meat and stash it in the freezer, have seen how savvi my sister has become with food, so I'm going to knuckle down and eat more healthier, cheaper ways of sustaining a good meal for myself and the dh..
  • Day 15. Been and redeamed my food voucher for 5.00 pound off meat at the superstore. Bought a couple of knock down food stuffs also. All gone in the freezer. Just having a cuppa tea and a buscuit. Shouldnt really but nice.
    Got to go to the post office now and post ebay parcel. Will have a look around the charity shops I think in the village see if theres anything I can recycle and make some money from. Catch you later
  • Day 16.

    Bought a couple of knocked down groceries yesterday from the village, today made a lovely cornih pasty dinner for the two of us, that cost less than 50p a dinner, ate like kings... utterly stuffed this evening.

    Another ebay sale today, have been cleaning up today ready for a house viewing , I've found loads of items to ebay.

    Off now going to nip to the super market to see if anything worth buying for the freezer,
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    Good luck on your Journey, your certainly going in the right direction.

    All the best from the South Coast
    (Debt Jan 2014 LBM £34,000) Current 2016 "Problems" as follows:

    C Cards 1,2,3,4 WAS £18,333 NOW£0 :j...Overdraft WAS £2700 NOW£0 :j
    Secured Loan
    WAS £4113 NOW£0:j.......Loan WAS £8864 NOW £6,000

    DEBT TODAY = £6,000 (£28,000 PAID OFF SO FAR!)
  • GunWharf wrote: »
    Good luck on your Journey, your certainly going in the right direction.

    All the best from the South Coast

    Wow thanks for the compliament, fell off the wagon for a while but I'm back on itnow, going to make a difference this time. Xx
  • Day 17/31.

    I love sundays if I'm not at work.. today we went to the superstore and used the last voucher for £5 off meat, got ourselves a nice chunk of pork and a leg of lamb.. managed to cut the pork into two, that two dinners that's going to make. The lamb as been slow cooking in the slow cooker all day.. Monday and tuesdays dinner.. yum yum

    I also got myself a 40 wash washing powder for £4.. that's 10p a wash.... bargin.

    Managed to cook Sunday lunch at a pinch of a price,, think I'm addicted to bargin hunting now..

    Spent a couple of hours this afternoon, adding items to ebay. 22 in total.. won't finish till next Sunday though.. exciting times. Still got lots to add, got bord adding after 20. Might add a few tomorrow. Really need to get my saving pot up.

    If anyone as any ideas as to tips or offers please let me know..
  • Day 17/31

    I need a new adventure.

    Off out early tomorrow to seek out booty. I'm ready to buy and sell to double my money.

    Will put a add in the village shop tomorrow for my cleaning business I'm setting up.

    Thinking of this make 10 pound a day.

    New friends, need a new group or interest.
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    sounds like your going great guns, have you looked at cash back sites, quidco and topcashback, - as they do free offers few pence here and there but may help in the scheme of things.

    -subscribes now- xx
    xx rip dad... we had our ups and downs but we’re always be family xx
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