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    Bollotom wrote: »
    Platform guard not allowed to muck about with train. Driver not allowed to muck about with things on the outside/underneath of the train. As I said tech at station in advance unless a short journey. Also no info if third rail but wouldn't make a difference. Not qualified to do it then disciplinary if you even try. :cool:

    Yes, I agree.

    Sounds impossible to me. ;)
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    wealdroam wrote: »
    Yes, I agree.

    Sounds impossible to me. ;)

    "Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt." - Abraham Lincoln (or was it Mark Twain?)
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    Is this Northern Rail? Many of their pacer trains (look like buses, often have bench style seating) use the cabin heating as the engine radiator - they simply can't be turned off as the engine will need to dissipate heat whilst it runs. Great 80's cost cutting in action. Thankfully these trains are planned to be decommissioned by 2019, so only another five years to go!

    As for air con on trains, whats that!? :rotfl:
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    As a train driver....some trains do have a on off switch for the driver in the cab....(very few do though) Its all controlled by maintenance dept who supposedly turn it off for us. Also FYI, after morning peak our trains go back to depot through the washer, windows are the sits in the sun until the pm peak....with windows still closed....until it comes back into service...then u poor souls have to deal with 90 degree heat. Its not feasible to have the windows opened by a member of staff after being washed.

    Not what u want to hear....but I DO understand how hot it is,......I'm driving the !!!!!!s!
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    wealdroam wrote: »
    'Can't do nothing about it' sound like another way of saying 'it's not possible' to me. :D
    That's like saying it's not possible to cure world famine because you "can't do nothing about it".
    It's possible, it's just you personally cannot do anything about it.
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    I have now had a reply from the train company.

    Apologies. Blah blah.
    Maintenance. Blah Blah.

    The heating was on. Heat billowing out of the radiator, the metal grille was hot.
    It would be a fine thing if we had air-conditioning, but it was the old-fashioned carriage with heaters along the bottom of the walls and opening windows above.
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