The Totally Awesome August NSD Challenge!

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  • I've subscribed but not convinced I posted and can't sleep so now seems as good a time as any!

    I'm on holiday this month for a week so going to aim for 10 NSDs and 3 in a row I think. Once I'm back at work in September I'll up my target!
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    Hooray for awsome-ness in August :j:money:
    I'll sit down now........

    Right,now I am planning a very frugal August.Should be easy,cos OH will pay for alot of stuff while we are away on holidays later this month :rotfl::rotfl:.

    Because I fell one short of target in July,I will increase my target by one for August.Today I have bought enough supplies to last a few days,and filled the car with petrol.So at least the next few days should be NSD.Or at least the next couple of days.Or at least tomorrow :o.

    So my target for August is 11 NSD's

    Thank you marmiterules for all your hard work x
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    Morning all, like Saver-upper I am also planning a frugal month ahead and feeling quite positive about it!

    I'm enjoying the challenge now. I haven't been into the supermarket all week which is highly unusual, just living out of the cupboards.

    The weekend will hard as I'm going out Saturday and Sunday so the task will be to minimise spends as much as possible while still having fun!

    Anyway, will aim for a NSD today and report back later. Happy Friday! :)
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    Happy 1st of the month fellow canny non-spenders!

    There's something nice about getting my first nsd of the month on the first!:j

    How many of you will join me? :money:

    I've got lots to do today,so I'll do an update tonight.

    It's a national holiday here in Switzerland-it's Swiss National Day.Luckily the sun is shining,and there is much merriment,sausage eating and fireworks to be had!This is the first proper sunny day we've had in quite a while.I must put the flag out,while I remember.

    PS How many of you have a hangover after last night's shenanigans,involving several litres of wine,The Good Ole Boys rhythm section,Igor dressed strangely in a kilt,and Hector having hysterics as he lost his train.I heard that Nargle managed to calm him down with Igor's rubber ducky and put him to bed,and that Knit Witch was frantically knitting him a woolly ducky replacement.We're all hoping that he doesn't notice the difference.

    You're right Nargle,them grapes were not grapes!:eek::eek: I'm feeling so-so now,after a visit to A and E.The doctors says that it'll wear off in a few days....Just wait til I get my hands on Igor!!!!!

    Where is he?Fell asleep in the steam room,oh dear.He will be a bit dehydrated....oops,apparently he looks like a 'mini-me' Igor now...:eek:
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    Here's a nice Swiss pic or two for you all!


    This one I took myself.It's taken from the Lavaux vineyards,overlooking Lake Geneva.The mountains opposite are in France.
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    Hello, I'd like to join in please if you'll have me? I've been trying for NSDs anyway (and doing ok) as trying to get my dratted mortgage paid off asap. Will be nice to have some company along the way though :D

    I'm off on holiday towards the end of the month but have DH's bday pressies to buy so please put me down for 15.

    I'm not counting DDs in the challenge but will count everything else paid for on card/in cash.
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    Um,.....woohoo :j.
    Today is NSD#1.I love having an NSD on the first day of the month :j(100 percent success for the month:rotfl:).
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    NSD 1 today, off the mark
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  • Very pleased to announce the 1st NSD of the month. Congratulations to everyone else who achieved one. May this be a successful month! :D
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  • I'd like to sign up for 10 NSDs this month, with three in a row.

    Today was rent day so not an NSD by my strict rules. I used that as an excuse for an online supermarket order to fill up the store cupboard with non-perishables.
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