The Totally Awesome August NSD Challenge!

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  • Hi going to try for NSD 10again going on holi bops for a week and get kiddy uniforms as well.
    #Sealed pot #085.
    1 debt versus 100 days £108.32/£300:j
    Debt Jan 2016 £6877.37. Aug £6155.56
    xmas saving £1 a day 274/366.
  • jaxsmarjaxsmar Forumite
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    Just 10 for mebusy month ahead and costly....
    Penny wise pound foolish
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    No.13 366 days challenge 2021..
  • NargleblastNargleblast Forumite
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    Welcome to all newbies and oldies - August is going to be a brilliant NSD month!
    One life - your life - live it!
  • Hello, been a long time since I was on the nsd threads but need some motivation. Aiming for 10nsd please. L2B.x
    LBM 2008 [STRIKE]£45,091.23[/STRIKE] eek: now £7889:T Debt free date 18/07/2018 :)
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    Thanks Marmite , Igor can have as many cups as he wants ,just leave one for me - I get grumpy if I don't have a cuppa in the mornings :D

    It was payday today went to tesco this morning and was feeling upset cos i'd lost a NSD and then realised - we're still in july -yay !!

    Mobo xx
    TOTAL DEBT £20,571.58 :eek:
    Then there's the mortgage :o
  • rockm87rockm87 Forumite
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    This is my first NSD challenge, so could you put me down for 10? please.
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  • I've got a veritable smorgasbord of cups/mugs available! I'll bring them along...:)!
    LBM(2) Jan 2014 - Debt £17500 :eek:
    Current Debt: £16411.26

    Weight Lost: 10.25/60 lbs :j
  • Hello everyone. May I join in again this month please. I have brought my own china cup for tea unless coffee drinking is essential.

    I was part of this challenge and then stopped because I thought I had got out of the habit of frivolous spending. Foolish me. The rot started with the odd Kindle download (it's only 99p and it's a book I really want to read etc etc), then developed into instant download cross stitch charts from etsy. Then July has been a very spendy month - lots of birthdays, a week's holiday with the grandchildren and suddenly instead of having money left at the end of the month I had to check that I wouldn't go overdrawn :eek:

    So bank balances checked, spreadsheets up to date and tomorrow is a new month. I don't count direct debits or petrol (not optional as needed for work and about half of it is claimed back as expenses) as spending as all are budgeted though if I buy something else when filling up with petrol that blows a NSD (thank goodness for pay at pump).

    I do have a wedding, and a couple of family celebrations so can you put me down for

    15 as my initial target with 3 in a row please.
  • ButtiButti Forumite
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    I'll go for 10 NSDsplease

    Going to try and get most of them before I go for a wee break on 13th. They really help me particularly if I venture into the Per Una section of M&S :o
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  • Sazzie23Sazzie23 Forumite
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    Found you!

    Thanks Marmite for running this again

    Am going to try again for 15 NSD in August.
    Debt -it's a fight that I'm winning, dealing with debt one day at a time.
    Estimated DFD August 2018 - 2031 - now 2027 :T
    Guide dog Tess, missing Scotland 2 years
    DMP support no438.
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