Do I stand a chance?

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    This is a money saving site, but it's not for advice about claiming "compo" for slips, trips and falls.
    See a solicitor.
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    You didn't notice this and you didn't notice that.

    You want other people to take responsibility...

    Read your post again, you should be taking responsibility for you and yours.....
    make the most of it, we are only here for the weekend.
    and we will never, ever return.
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    So, you entered an area that you had no permission to enter and suffered an injury as it was slippery. Water and stone is slippery and a fountain would have water in it so its not as if it shouldnt be there. Algae forms from sunlight and that would not be a problem unless someone was silly enough to climb into the fountain and take insufficient care.

    If you want to sue the council and succeed, you have to show they have failed to warn you of unexpected risks. Part of that will be trying to explain you didnt know that a fountain would be slippery. As pretty much everyone knows that wet stone is slippery then that is a hard sell.

    There are also potential consequences to you taking legal action against them. The council may decide to remove the fountain taking away a pleasurable asset from the community. You could end up in the local press as taking action against the council (frivolous court cases against councils often do) and you could become ridiculed by others and if it did lead to the fountain being removed or restricted access then that is what you may become known for.
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