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Slimming World support thread 2

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    Please could everyone join us on the new thread here

    I let my mind wander and it never came back!
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    Consultant, the HEXA and HEXB list link is broken so link to front page please

    'Healthy Extra A & Healthy Extra B Options, Full List
    We've been working hard to list all the currently known Healthy Extra's, both A and B options, and are happy to share the list with all Slimming World members here!

    Please note: This list is accurate as of April 2014!

    Cheese: Healthy Extra A

    30g Cheddar
    35g Edam
    30g Emmental
    30g Gouda
    30g Gruyre
    30g Parmesan/Parmigiano Reggiano
    45g Mozzarella
    40g Reduced fat Cheddar
    2 Dairylea Light Cheese Slices
    4 Dairylea Light Triangles
    3 Dairylea Original Triangles
    5 x The Laughing Cow Light Triangles
    2 Mini Babybel Original Cheeses
    3 x Mini Babybel Light Cheeses
    6 Laughing Cow Extra Light Triangles
    2 President Emmental Light Cheese Slices
    4 Weight Watchers Low Fat Cheese Triangles
    40g Cathedral City Lighter Mature Cheddar
    30g Double Gloucester
    30g Red Leicester
    45g Feta
    2 portions Dairylea Bites
    35g Arla Lactofree Semi Hard Cheese
    80g Primula Light Cheese Spread
    75g Philadelphia Light
    60g Kerry Low Low Mature Cheddar Spread, plain/flavoured
    40g Kerry Low Low Delightfully Creamy Grated Cheese
    3 Kerry Low Low Cheese Slices for Burgers/Toasties
    2 Kerry Low Low Delightfully Creamy Mature Cheese Slices, 6 pack
    85g Dairylea Spread Light
    2 x 20g Kraft Singles Cheese Slices
    3 x 20g Kraft Singles Cheese Slices Light
    1 x 28.5g Leerdammer Cheese Slice
    40g Leerdammer Lightlife Cheese
    35g Halloumi
    25g Manchego
    85g Ricotta
    75g Reduced fat/light soft cheese
    2 x 35g tubs Philadelphia Light Soft Cheese
    55g Primula Cheddar Spread, Cheese & Black Pepper
    30g Leerdammer Cheese
    3 Aldi Cowbelle Light Cheese Singles
    2 Mini Babybel Goats Cheeses
    40g Wyke Farm Super Light Somerset Mature Cheese
    30g St Helen's Farm Goats' Cheese Cheddar-style
    30g Grano Padano
    30g Hard goats cheese
    30g Grano Padano
    30g Hard goats cheese
    4 The Laughing Cow Light Cheese Triangles with Blue Cheese
    3 Asda Chosen by You Ligher Cheese Singles, 10/20 pack
    2 Kerry Low Low Delightfully Creamy Pepperella Pesto Cheese Slices, 6 pack
    2 Primula Cheese Pods
    2 Primula Cheese n Chive Pods
    65g Reduced fat Mozzarella
    4 The Laughing Cow Light Cheese Triangles with Emmental
    2 x 20g sticks Kerry Original/Twisted Cheestrings, plain/flavoured
    2 x 17g sticks Kerry Spaghetti Cheestrings, plain/flavoured
    2 x 20g Kerry Cheese & Onion Cheestrings
    2 x 20g Kerry Cheese & Tomato Cheestrings
    2 x 20g Kerry Spaghetti Cheese & Tomato Cheestrings
    90g Galbani Mozzarella Light
    110g Philadelphia Lightest
    3 x 35g tubs Philadelphia Lightest
    45g Tesco Grated Mozzarella Cheese, Lighter
    40g Cathedral City Mature yet Mellow Lighter
    45g Morrisons NuMe Reduced Fat Red Cheese
    2 slices Marks & Spencer Lighter Leerdammer

    Milk: Healthy Extra A

    350ml Skimmed milk
    250ml Semi-skimmed milk
    175ml Whole milk
    200ml Whole goats' milk
    130ml Sheep milk
    300ml Sweetened calcium-enriched soya milk
    225ml Calcium-enriched rice milk
    280ml The One 1% Fat Milk
    300ml GranoVita Soya Milk Drink No Added Sugar Calcium Enriched
    500ml So Good Light Soya Drink, Unsweetened
    400ml Unsweetened calcium-enriched soya milk
    250ml Lactofree Semi-skimmed Milk
    250ml Rice Dream Original Rice Drink with Calcium & Vitamins
    350ml Flora Pro Activ Skimmed Milk
    500ml Alpro Almond Milk ambient/chilled
    400ml Alpro Soya Light Dairy Free Soya Milk, Sweetened
    400ml St Helen's Farm Skimmed Goats' Milk
    300ml Braham & Murray Good Hemp Dairy Free Alternative
    425ml Koko Dairy Free Original Coconut Milk + Calcium, chilled/longlife
    500ml Alpro Soya Light Dairy Free Soya Milk, Unsweetened
    300ml Alpro Soya Dairy Free Soya Milk, Organic Sweetened
    300ml Alpro Soya Dairy Free Soya Milk, Original Unsweetened
    350ml Alpro Soya Dairy Free Soya Milk, Unsweetened
    300ml Arla Lactofree Semi-skimmed Dairy Drink
    200ml Arla Lactofree Whole Dairy Drink
    400ml Asda Smartprice Soya Milk Unsweetened
    300ml Asda Soya Milk Sweetened with Apple Juice
    250ml Delamere Dairy Semi-skimmed Pasteurised Goats' Milk
    200ml Delamere Dairy UHT Whole Goats' Milk
    200ml Delamere Dairy Whole Pasteurised Goats' Milk
    300ml GranoVita Soya Milk Drink No Added Sugar Organic
    200ml Oatly Healthy Chocolate Oak Drink
    250ml Oatly Healthy Oat Drink with Vitamins & Calcium
    300ml So Good Original Soya Drink
    300ml So Good Original Soya Drink Sweetened UHT
    400ml So Good Original Soya Drink Unsweetened UHT
    350ml So Good Soya Life Drink
    300ml Tesco Soya Milk Calcium Enriched Sweetened
    275ml Semi-skimmed goats' milk
    300ml Sainsbury's British Milk, 1% Fat
    250ml St Helen's Farm Semi-skimmed Goats' Milk
    200ml St Helen's Farm Whole Goats' Milk
    400ml Alpro Hazelnut Drink ambient/chilled
    400ml Skimmed goats' milk
    275ml Semi-skimmed goats' milk
    400ml Skimmed goats' milk
    875ml Blue Diamond Almond Breeze Almond Milk, unsweetened
    200ml Koko Dairy Free Coconut Milk with Chocolate + Calcium
    250ml Tesco Sweetened Soya Alternative to Milk with Calcium & Vitamins
    950ml Alpro Almond Milk, Unsweetened ambient/chilled
    500ml Blue Diamond Almond Breeze Almond Milk, Original, ambient
    300ml Co-op Fresh British Milk, 1% Fat
    175ml Alpro Chocolate Drink with Calcium, ambient
    375ml Arla Lactofree Dairy Drink, Skimmed, chilled
    300ml Alpro Simply Mild Soya Milk
    850ml Sainsbury's Almond Milk, Unsweetened chilled
    250ml Alpro Almond Milk, Dark Chocolate Flavour
    300ml Alpro Oat Original
    250ml Tesco Free From Chocolate & Coconut Milk Drink, chilled

    Bread: Healthy Extra B

    60g of any Wholemeal Bread
    1 slice Allinson Wholemeal Batch Bread (800g sliced loaf)
    2 slices Hovis Nimble Malted Wholegrain bread
    2 slices Hovis Wholemeal bread (small 400g loaf)
    1 slice Wholemeal bread, any brand (800g sliced loaf)
    1.5 35g Slices Glutafin Select White Bread, Gluten Free (400g loaf)
    2 slices Wholemeal bread, any brand (small 400g loaf)
    2 x 29g Slices Glutafin Gluten & Wheat Free White Bread (400g loaf)
    1 x 50g Glutafin Fibre Bread Roll, Gluten & Wheat Free
    60g wholemeal roll
    2 slices Hovis Wholemeal bread (small 400g loaf)
    1 x 50g Dietary Specials White Ciabatta Roll Gluten & Wheat Free
    1 x 50g Dietary Specials White Ciabatta Roll Part Baked Gluten & Wheat Free
    1 x 50g Glutafin Select Part Baked White Bread Roll, Gluten Free
    2 slices Warburton's Wholemeal bread (400g medium slicedl loaf)
    2 slices Dietary Specials White Bread, Gluten and Wheat Free, 400g loaf
    1 slice Genius Foods Brown/White Gluten Free bread, 600g sliced loaf
    2 slices Juvela Fresh Fibre Bread, Gluten Free, 400g sliced loaf
    1 x 50g Weight Watchers Petit Pain roll
    2 Marks & Spencer Mini Wholemeal Submarine Rolls
    1 slice Hovis Wholemeal Bread (800g thick sliced loaf)
    1 slice Warburtons Wholemeal Rye Bread (800g thick sliced loaf)
    1 slice Hovis Seed Sensations Wholemeal Bread (800g sliced loaf)
    1 slice Allinson High Fibre White Bread, 800g sliced loaf
    65g Biona Organic Rye Bread with Hemp Seeds, 500g loaf
    70g Biona Organic Rye Bread with Amaranth/Quinoa, 500g loaf
    65g Biona Organic Rye Bread with Chia & Flax Seeds, 500g loaf
    65g Biona Organic Rye Bread with Omega 3 Golden Linseed, 500g loaf
    65g Kelderman Rye Bread, German Style, 400g loaf
    65g The Village Bakery Melmerby Organic Rye Bread, 800g loaf
    60g The Village Bakery Melmerby Organic Rye Bread with Coriander, 400g loaf
    65g The Village Bakery Melmerby Organic Rye Bread with Seeds, 400g loaf
    1 Weight Watchers Wholemeal Pitta Bread, 6 Pack
    2 x 30g slices Glutafin Fibre Bread, Gluten & Wheat Free (400g loaf)
    1 slice Waitrose Love Life, Wholemeal Rye & Toasted Grain Bread, 400g sliced loaf
    1 BFree Foods Multigrain Wrap Wheat & Gluten Free, 6 pack
    1 x 42 g Country Kitchens Bakery Sandwich Thins, Wholemeal 6 pack

    Cereal Bars: Healthy Extra B

    1 Sainsbury's BGTY Apple & B/currant M/G + Prebiotic Cereal Bar, 25g
    1 Weetabix Oaty Bar
    1 Tesco Light Choices Cranberry & Blackcurrant Cereal Bar, 25g bar
    2 Aldi Harvest Morn Benefit 70 Cal Cereal Bars
    1 Waitrose Love Life The Nut Bar, 26g bar
    1 Waitrose Love Life The Squashed Fruit Bar, 35g bar
    1 The Food Doctor Apple & Walnut Wholesome Bar
    1 Kellogg's Special K Chewy Delight Bar, Dark/Milk Chocolate
    1 The Food Doctor Fig & Mango Wholesome Bar
    1 The Food Doctor Pineapple & Banana Wholesome Bar
    1 x 24g bar Tesco Healthy Living Seed, Fruit & Nut Cereal Bar

    Cereals: Healthy Extra B

    40g Weetabix Crunchy Bran
    35g Jordans Natural No Added Sugar Muesli
    40g Kellogg's All-Bran
    35g Kellogg's/any brand Bran Flakes
    35g Kellogg's/any brand Fruit n Fibre
    35g Kellogg's/any brand Frosted/Raisin Wheats
    35g Kellogg's/any brand Sultana Bran
    35g Nestle/any brand Bitesize Shredded Wheat
    30g Nestle/any brand Honey Nut Shredded Wheat
    35g porridge oats (unflavoured)
    35g Weetabix Fruit & Nut/Strawberry Crispy Minis
    2 Weetabix
    1 Weetabix and 2 Oat/Scan Bran
    45g Vogel's Ultra Bran, Soya & Linseed
    35g Pertwood Organic Wheat Free Muesli, all varieties
    35g Pertwood Organic Barley Flakes, Wheat Free
    35g Post Grape-Nuts
    35g Quaker Oat Crisp Cereal
    35g Kellogg's Optivita Berry Oat Crisp
    35g Nestle Shreddies, Coco/Original
    35g Pertwood Organic Maple Flakes, Wheat Free
    35g Asda/Tesco Wholegrain Blueberry Wheats
    35g Mornflake Oatbran
    35g Dorset Cereals Simply Delicious Muesli
    40g Dorset Cereals Simply Fruity Muesli
    35g Dorset Cereals Super High Fibre Muesli
    35g Dorset Cereals Simply Nutty Muesli
    35g Dorset Cereals Tasty High Fibre Flakes with Raisins, Dates & Apple
    30g Kellogg's All-Bran Golden Crunch
    35g Kellogg's Luxury Muesli
    1.5 Nestle/any brand Shredded Wheat
    1 Weetabix and 1 Hi-fi Light Bar, any variety
    30g Weetabix Chocolate Spoonsize
    40g Co-op High Fibre Bran Cereal
    35g Asda Chosen by You Cranberry Wheats
    35g Doves Farm Fibre Flakes, gluten free
    35g Weetabix Bitesize
    35g gluten free cereal (gluten intolerant members only)
    30g Kellogg's All-Bran Chocolate Crunch
    35g Kellogg's All-Bran Yogurty Flakes
    35g Morrisons/Sainsbury's Puffed Wheat Cereal
    35g Marks & Spencer Fruit & Fibre Muesli
    35g Sainsbury's Fruit & Nut/Orchard Fruit Muesli
    28g sachet Mornflake Oats 2 Go, Added Oatbran
    35g Mornflake Oatbran Flakes/Apple & Sultana Oatbran Flakes
    35g Morrisons Crispy Apple Bran Cereal
    30g Raw Health Fruity Granola
    35g sachet Weight Watchers Original Breakfast Oats
    35g Sainsburys Wholegrain Apricot Wheats
    35g Rude Health Puffed Wheat
    35g Mornflake Oatbran Muesli, Very Berry
    35g Aldi Harvest Morn Fruit & Fibre Cereal
    35g Tesco Super Berry Muesli
    25g The Good Carb Food Co Lizi's Mango & Macadamia Granola
    35g Nestle Shredded Wheat, Orchard Fruits
    35g Nestle Shredded Wheat, Summer Fruits
    35g Tesco Finest Super Berry Muesli
    30g Weetabix Crispy Minis Caramel & Nut
    30g Weetabix Crispy Minis Chocolate Chip (350g pack)
    1.5 Weetabix Banana
    1.5 Weetabix Chocolate
    30g Kellogg's All-Bran Red Berry Crunch
    34g sachet Quaker Oats So Simple Multigrain, Fruit Muesli
    32g sachet Quaker Oats So Simple Multigrain, Honey
    27g sachet Quaker Oats So Simple Multigrain, Original
    40g Nestle Fibre 1 cereal
    30g sachet White's Toat'ly Oaty Sachets Original
    30g Kellogg's Special K Granola, with Cranberries, Pumpkin Seeds & Almonds
    30g Kellogg's Special K Granola, with Raisins & Red Apples
    35g Tesco Raspberry Malt Wheats
    30g Kellogg's Chocolate Wheats
    30g Mornflake Oatbran Granola Raisin, Apple & Coconut

    Crispbreads: Healthy Extra B

    4 Lidl Grafschafter Milky Crispbreads
    4 plain rice cakes (gluten intolerant members only)
    4 Wasa Fibre Rye Crispbread with Sesame & Oats
    6 Finn Crisp Original Thin Crisps
    5 Finn Crisp Multigrain Crisp
    2 Ryvita Fruit Crunch
    3 Ryvita Multigrain/Hint of Chilli/Pumpkin Seeds & Oats
    *2 Ryvita Original/Dark Rye
    *4 Ryvita Original/Dark Rye
    5 Oat/Scan Bran
    3 Ryvita Cracked Black Pepper/Sesame
    2 slices Wasa Hearty Rye Crispbread
    5 Finn Crisp Coriander Thin Crispbread
    5 Finn Crisp Garlic Thin Crispbread
    3 Finn Crisp Hi Fibre Crispbread
    30g bag Ryvita Minis, any variety
    3 Finn Crisp Multigrain Round Crispbread
    3 Finn Crisp Plus 5 Wholegrains Crispbread
    5 Finn Crisp Plus Sesame & Fibre Crispbread
    3 Lidl Grafschafter Sesame Crispbreads
    5 Trufree High Fibre/Onion & Herb Gluten and Wheat Free Crackers
    3 Orgran Thick Slice Corn Cakes
    3 Ryvita Tomato & Basil Crispbread
    4 Aldi Savour Bakes Rye Crispbreads
    3 Aldi Savour Bakes Sesame Crispbreads
    4 Finn Crisp Plus 5 Wholegrains Thin Crisp
    5 Glutafin High Fibre Crackers, Gluten & Wheat Free
    2 Finn Crisp Original Rye Crispbread
    6 Finn Crisp Caraway Kummin Thin Crispbread
    5 Real Foods Corn Thins, Sesame
    5 Real Foods Corn Thins, Original
    5 Real Foods Corn Thins, Cracked Pepper & Lemon
    5 Real Foods Corn Thins, Multigrain
    5 Real Foods Corn Thins, Soy & Linseed
    3 Ryvita Sunflower Seeds & Oats/Sweet Onion
    1 Dr Karg Organic Crispbread, 3 Grain & 3 Seeds

    Dried, Canned and Cooked Fruit: Healthy Extra B

    50g apple, dried
    375g apple, cooked
    225g apple, baked and 1 level tablespoon mincemeat
    70g apricots, semi-dried
    300g apricots, canned in juice
    450g fresh apricots, cooked
    300g blackberries, cooked
    250g blackcurrants, cooked
    300g damsons, cooked
    50g figs, dried
    350g gooseberries, cooked
    *150g greengages, cooked
    *300g greengages, cooked
    400g loganberries, cooked
    55g peaches, dried
    275g pears, canned in juice
    60g pears, dried
    45g pineapple, dried
    225g pineapple, canned in juice
    400g plums, all varieties, cooked
    150g prunes, canned in juice
    80g prunes, semi-dried
    150g prunes, cooked
    250g raspberries, cooked
    450g rhubarb, cooked
    350g pears, cooked
    30g bag Bear Granola Nibbles,100% Whole Grains & Fruit, any variety
    60g figs, semi-dried, ready to eat
    40g goji berries, dried<
    300g apple slices, canned in juice
    135g breakfast apricots, canned in juice
    100g breakfast compote, canned in juice
    375g raspberries, canned in juice
    400g blackberries & apple, cooked
    275g fresh figs, cooked
    350g redcurrants, cooked
    275g whitecurrants, cooked
    4 Bear Yoyo's, 100% Fruit Rolls, any variety
    300g nectarines, dried
    70g Whitworth's Breakfast Dried Fruit, Honey Apricots
    75g Whitworth's Breakfast Dried Fruit, Vanilla Prunes
    50g Whitworth's Breakfast Dried Fruit, Maple Figs
    200g Natures Finest Mango in Juice
    40g Urban Fruit Dried Pineapple Pieces
    40g Urban Fruit Dried Mango Slices
    40g Urban Fruit Dried Black Cherry Pieces

    HiFi Bars: Healthy Extra B

    1 Charming chocolate & orange
    1 Mint crunch
    1 Belgian Chocolate Deluxe
    *2 Light chocolate and Caramel
    *1 Light Chocolate & Caramel
    1 Peanut Heaven
    *2 Light Rocky Road
    *1 Light Rocky Road
    1 Christmas pudding
    1 Seductive salted caramel

    Nuts & Seeds: Healthy Extra B

    20 almonds, shelled & whole
    2 level dessert-spoons flaked almonds
    6 Brazil nuts, shelled & whole
    12 cashew nuts, shelled & whole
    *3 chestnuts, shelled & whole
    *7 chestnuts, shelled & whole
    35g fresh coconut
    20 hazelnuts
    35g hummus, plain
    55g hummus, reduced fat, plain
    1 level tablespoon mixed nuts, chopped
    15 peanuts, shelled & whole
    12 pecan nut halves
    1 level tablespoon pine nuts or kernels
    28 pistachio nuts, shelled
    2 level dessert spoons pumpkin seeds
    2 level dessert-spoons sunflower seeds
    2 level dessert-spoons tahini paste
    30g tiger nuts
    6 walnut halves
    2 level dessert-spoons linseed
    2 level dessert-spoons sesame seeds
    20g Linwood's Milled Flaxseed with Probiotic & Vitamin D

    Oil Healthy: Extra B

    1 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil

    Soups: Healthy Extra B

    200g serving Baxter's Vegetarian Spicy Parsnip Soup
    200g serving Baxter's Chunky Country Vegetable Soup
    200g serving Baxter's Chunky Smoked Bacon & Three Bean Soup
    200g serving Baxter's Healthy Chicken & Vegetable Soup
    200g serving Baxter's Healthy Italian Bean & Pasta Soup
    300g Waitrose Tomato & Basil Fresh Soup, 600g pot
    300g Co-op Carrot & Coriander Fresh Soup
    200g serving Baxter's Healthy Autumn Vegetable with Mild Spices Soup
    400g pot Morrison's M Kitchen Fresh to Go Tomato & Basil Soup
    208g M & S Count on Us Carrot & Butterbean Soup, 415g can
    200g Sainsbury’s BGtY Moroccan Chickpea & Spinach Soup
    300g serving Sainsbury's Cream of Vegetable Fresh Soup
    200g serving Asda Chosen by You Vegetable Soup, 400g can
    200g serving Baxter's Healthy Puy Lentil & Tomato Soup
    200g serving Sainsbury’s BGtY Tomato & Three Bean Soup, 400g can
    200g serving Sainsbury’s Chunky Chilli Con Carne Soup, 400g can
    300g Co-op Taste the Season Leek & Potato Fresh Soup
    200g serving Co-op Healthier Choice Tomato & Three Bean Soup
    300g Co-op Truly Irresistible Tomato & Chilli Soup
    300g New Covent Garden Plum Tomato & Basil Fresh Soup
    300g New Covent Garden Carrot & Coriander Fresh Soup
    208g M & S Chunky Chunky Tomato, Chorizo & Black Eyed Bean Soup
    300g Morrison's M Kitchen Creamy Vegetable Fresh Soup
    200g Baxter's Deli Squash & Mascarpone with Butter Beans Soup
    200g Baxter's Vegetarian Carrot & Butterbean Soup
    200g Co-op Scotch Broth, 400g can
    400g can Co-op Simply Value Vegetable Soup
    200g Baxter's Stay Full Broccoli, Salmon & Watercress Soup
    200g Baxter's Stay Full, Beetroot, Tomato & Buckwheat Soup
    1 sachet Batchelor's High-Veg a Soup, Country Vegetable, dried
    400g can Baxter's Vegetarian Mediterranean Tomato Soup
    200g Baxter's Deli Red Pepper & Feta with Black Eyed Beans Soup
    200g Baxter's Stay Full Beetroot, Tomato & Buckwheat Soup
    200g Baxter's Stay Full Spiced Butternut Squash & Edamame Bean Soup
    300g New Covent Garden Leek & Potato Fresh Soup
    400g can Waitrose Tomato & Basil Soup
    350g pouch Waitrose Parsnip & Ginger Soup
    340g pot Sainsbury's Tomato, Basil & Chilli Microwave Soup
    300g Asda Chosen by You Carrot, Orange & Ginger Fresh Soup
    300g Morrison's M Kitchen Fresh Vegetable & Lentil Broth
    200g Sainsbury's Chicken Curry & Brown Rice Soup, 400g can
    200g Sainsbury's Wholewheat Minestrone Soup, 400g can
    300g serving New York Soup Co New England Butternut Squash Skinny Fresh Soup
    200g serving Sainsbury's Chunky Beef & Dumpling Soup, canned
    200g serving Sainsbury's Mexican Bean Soup, canned
    200g serving Tesco Chicken & Vegetable Meal Soup
    300g serving Tesco Finest Beetroot & Horseradish Soup, 600g pot, chilled
    400g can Baxter's Favourites Chicken Broth
    200g serving Baxter's Vegetarian Garden Pea & Mint Soup
    200g serving Baxter's Favourites Pea & Ham Soup
    200g serving Baxter's Favourites Scotch Broth Soup
    400g can Baxter's Favourites Chicken Broth Soup
    300g pouch Look What We Found! North Yorkshire Carrot & Coriander Soup
    300g serving New Covent Garden Spiced Chicken & Lentils Soup
    300g serving New Covent Garden Souper Green with Italian Basil Pesto Soup
    300g serving New Covent Garden Tomato & Vegetables with Laird Lentils Soup
    200g serving Sainsbury's Chicken Balti Meal Soup
    200g serving Baxter's Healthy Minestrone Soup with Wholemeal Pasta, canned
    300g serving Waitrose Love Life Beetroot & Mint Soup, chilled
    200g Heinz Farmers Market Garden Pea & Mint Soup
    300g serving New Covent Garden Vegetable Soup with Red Split Lentils
    300g serving New Covent Garden Slow Roast Tomato & Basil Soup
    300g serving New Covent Garden British Chicken & Vegetable Soup with Lentils & Barley
    300g serving Creamy Celeriac with Seasonal Root Vegetable Soup
    300g serving New Covent Garden Wild Mushroom Soup
    200g serving Tesco Healthy Living Three Bean & Vegetable Soup, canned
    200g serving Crosse & Blackwell Best of British Leek & Potato Soup, canned
    300g serving Sainsbury's Taste the Difference Green Vegetable Primavera Soup
    300g serving Aldi Stores Tomato & Basil Fresh Soup
    300g serving Marks & Spencer Super Vegetable Fresh Soup'
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    I lost 1lb this week. I wanted to lose 5.5!!

    I have really been missing about with my weight loss, I am just wasting money so I need to sort myself out, I will be batch cooking for lunch and dinners for next week over the weekend and I will also be completing my food diary a week in advance.

    I really want to be at target (and run a 10k race, but that's another story) by my birthday at the beginning of October. That's 2.1lb per week.

    I pledge to
    Plan each day's food in advance, and stick to it
    Try at least one new recipe each week
    Run 4 times each week
    Walk home from work when I am not running that day
    Stick to the plan as if I were new to it
    Increase the amount of superfree food in my diet
    Drink more water (and less diet Pepsi)
    Get more sleep

    I hope everyone is well.

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  • wishuswishus Forumite
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    Had a slight gain of1.5lbs last week due to emotional overeating/drinking. Anniversary of my mom's death.

    Feeling brighter now and back on the plan with vigour, but I made a booboo today. Saw Alpen light on sale - 2 packs for £2 and thought, brilliant, they are HExBs!!! Only I was remembering old, old info, I believe and they are 3 syns each instead.

    Oh, but so much better than the cakes and pastries that someone bought into the office this morning for their birthday. :A
    Gonna get debt free, and live in a house in the countreeee! £777.07/£25K to go! :T
    December Grocery challenge£200/£200 remaining. 1/10 NSD. 1/15 Lunches to Work.
  • jpscloudjpscloud Forumite
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    Hi all, may I join you?

    I'm going to join SW (again, did it many years ago) on Monday. Some of my work colleagues who form a small buddy group for weight loss were horrified that I was going to join this close to Christmas!

    I know it's probably not the time most people join, but it's the time that everything has come right for me to join. I'm heavier than I've ever been, and I'm at a junction in my life where I can go down the obesity-related disability and illness route (I may already be there, but hope I can reverse the damage I've done by getting so big), or I can go down the other route which sees me doing moderate sustainable exercise and eating more sensibly for the rest of my life.

    I may not lose a lot of weight, although I would really like to. What I want to do is create a happy active future, instead of one where there might be no future at all, or one with severely reduced quality of life, if I don't act.

    Anyhow, I think the time is right for me to start getting my weight monitored and attending meetings to focus myself a bit better. I will of course go off plan and eat like a crazy thing on some days, so I don't expect a very good weight loss over Christmas.

    What I do hope for is that being on the plan will give me a little more control so that I don't go crazy over the whole two weeks (I work in education so in recent years it's just been a two-week binge!!) and might stand a chance of not putting on half a stone or more.

    That's worth a fiver, I think!

    I'm a little nervous about going to the meeting, as I haven't done this for quite a few years. It's very convenient though, very close to my house and on Mondays, which suits me best.

    It would be great to be able to check in here and get advice and encouragement as well!
    I believe in the freedom of spinach and the right to arm bears.

    Weight loss journey started January 2015
  • Lauri254Lauri254 Forumite
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    jpscloud wrote: »
    Hiya :)

    Pop over & post Here in the current slimming world thread! Will cya there :D
  • woizardwoizard Forumite
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    Ca n any one help iam trying slimmers world on my own and got a warburtons 5 seeded small loaf 30 grams a slice and dont know if can have these as a healthy b and how many slices they are smaller than weight watchers bread thanks
  • Thanks for all this information.
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