Santander 123 Card...AVOID!!

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    I opened a 123 Current Account a year ago. I've received £93.50 cash back on my standing orders, and paid £24 in fees, so £69.50 free money. No complaints here.

    As I do all my transactions on line, customer service is not an issue.

    I've also had a good amount of interest, and have just taken out the 123 credit card.

    Obviously, I will look at my first monthly statement to make sure the DD is in place, but I've already set this up on line and had written confirmation, so I expect it will be. But if its not, no problem, I will just set up an e payment.

    I know Santander have historically had a bad reputation for customer service, and I expect they have had problems in the past merging their various IT and admin systems. Personally, I think they are great. I don't understand how they are making any money on their 123 products, but I'm happy to reap the rewards while I can.
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    Never had a problem with Santander but then I do manage everything possible online and can't remember the last time I had to either speak to them on the phone or go into the branch.

    I use the 123 account as a savings vehicle and for paying my cash back qualifying DDs in addition I use the 123 credit card for my first £300 travel spend each month and for any department store spend getting 3% and 2% respectively.

    All in all very happy that Santander pay me for spending money through direct debit or the credit card and give me a decent 3% interest on savings as well.

    The interest rate may not be market leading but paying interest up to £20k, good cash back rates on direct debits and the credit card cash back I do very well out of Santander for only £2 per month per product.
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