Strathclyde Polcie Employee - Any Extras?

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Hi. I work for Strathclyde Police, and am trying to find out what additional benefits there are.

I am aware that you can get something like a 10% on Vauxhalls with Arnold Clark, but wondered if there are any other 'extras' I should be aware of?


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    you can get a 10% discount card each time you shop at Livingston Designer Outlet.
    Just take ID to the Customer Information Desk and tell them you work for Police.

    Hope this helps

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    You can get discount at Pizza Hut in Glasgow area (not sure about others) and also Wagamama. Not sure how much discount though as not made use of it myself, but other colleagues have. I think you just need your card/badge and maybe your pay slip.
  • If you contact the SPRA theyll send you out a booklet. Most places just ask you to provide your SPRA card. I think theres also something on the SPRA site too

    Frankensteins in the city centre does a 20% discount on food & drink.... a shrewd move on their part ;)
  • The pizza hut one is 25% of food bill only. That is only one I have ever used. (only applies on full price items)

    P.s if you look on forum there is a spra section think that has some posts on it about discounts. Also if you look on Spra website think they have some details.
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