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  • essex_boyessex_boy Forumite
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    I thought Wonga was little old pensioners,I'd feel guilty taking them to court:rotfl:
  • PorcupinePorcupine Forumite
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    I'll take a straight 34 billion quid. Or, if you don't have change, the country of Tuvalu will do nicely.

    Now if you don't pay up, I know a couple of law firms I can call...
  • gonzo24gonzo24 Forumite
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    Like Martin I have never liked these loan sharks, and their attempt to portray themselves as helpful good guys. So what can the general public do to campaign against them? Lobby Parliament, write to the Prime Minister, urge their investors to disinvest....? Any recommendations?
  • colinlynecolinlyne Forumite
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    Should anyone receive a letter from them, refuse to pay. Let the court decide how much should be repaid. Should they not take the matter to court, then simply do not pay. Without a Court Order, no enforcement can take place! The answer is simply do not pay until a court makes an order ( after you attend court!)
  • blahblahdohblahblahdoh Forumite
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    Why is it that the FCA can force Wonga to pay back £50 but can't do anything else. The 'retrospective' argument seems to be applied very carefully and selectively in order to let Wonga off the hook. They committed a extremely nasty offence - we as a society are harmed by their activities and should have the power to simply shut them down, yet those in power seem to favour Wonga over the most vulnerable amongst us. As far as the authorities are concerned, apart from paying back £50 (amounting to a zero interest loan for them) nothing happens to Wonga: it's business as usual. Bad business, bad regulation, bad government.
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