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I am going to get rid of some old vinyl records on ebay but have only sold a handful of items before, and never any records. For posting vinyl what sort of packaging should I use, where can I get it and how much for roughly? I wouldn't want anything damaged or having to be refunded.


  • You can search ebay for record mailers and stiffeners, they are usually the quickest if not cheapest option.

    Personally I find that decent quality cardboard boxes and tape do the job just as well if you have the time and patience to package that way, you can usually get some from your local supermarket for free if you ask.

    If you want to dip your toe into the vinyl selling business it may be worth giving discogs a try.

    They are a specialist site which will identify your record by the cat number advise you on grading it and theres no charge for listing until you sell.

    Good luck
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    If you are going to sell vinyl and you do not want poor DSR's for packing you should:-

    Remove the record & inner sleeve from the cover to avoid seam splits in the cover during the delivery (consider placing the record in a new inner if the original inner sleeve is collectable in it's own right)

    place all the above into a polythene sleeve and tape to a card stiffener. before placing into a record mailer/box (pref. with an other stiffener) etc..

    consider that a collector will not be happy to receive a record where the sleeve corners have been dinked due to poor/inadequate packaging, and the sleeve has been split because the record was not removed during packaging.

    also you should consider that the more a record sells for, the more "bombproof" the packaging must be.. :D
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