Redundancy or pay cut? What are my rights?

Hi All,

Will try and keep this brief.

On Tuesday my team were called into a meeting to advise 50% of the team were being made redundant due to cut backs. We are a team of 6, 2 are Full Time, 4 are Part Time (2 are actually on Mat Leave!)

We've been put in consultation and will have our 1st meting on the 26th June, and final consultation meeting on the 4th July when we will find out.

They are making the whole teams role redundant, the manager and the 5 staff. They will then offer 3 of us, a similar job (but dumbed down) on a lower salary.

If I am not made redunant but don't want to accept a pay cut, what are my rights? Can I refuse their offer? Would I then still receive my redundancy pay?

Ive bene employed at the company 2 years, so my redunancy packet would not be huge, 2 weeks and then my 3 month notice period but it would be enough to see me through for 6 months without a job until I found a new job.

There are other jobs in the market I can go for so I am not entering a completely blacklist of job opportunities, but there is of course no guarntee.

My problem is, I pay in the reigion of £500 (Car/Diesel) to get to work as it is (80 mile round trip) a month. If I take a pay cut I will be worse off every month but It would still be a liveable wage.

What Im worried is that if I refuse the new position (which I assume they will call a suitable alternative) I wont get my redunancy pay.

Any advice :)

Thank you so much in advance, Im so worried :(
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    You will have to see what the jobs are and the pay.

    If that is the only substantial change then it will be down to how big the cut is.

    If you can't agree on if it is suitable then that would have to go to ET and might not be worth it.

    I would get together and make sure you are all on the same plan.
    The threat of you all just saying thanks but no thanks will leave them having to recruit.

    Has the workload reduced or will they move some work elsewhere.

    Remember once on the lower salary that will be used for the next round

    Stat redundancy would be £928 or less if salary below £24128
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    One of the FT's has asked for Voluntary R due to lenght of service and pay off.

    My salary would be cut by just under £3,000. So its not a huge cut, but enough to make a difference of £170 every month. Is it enough for me to refuse the job based on a salary cut of only £3k or is that unreasonable?

    I dont have 2 years service, so if made redundant I would only get my 3 month notice period.

    We are all on the same page really, waiting to see what is offered but we've already been told the new band of salary and we'd all be taking a cut.
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