Santander 123 Card...AVOID!!

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    I've recently signed up for this, hope I don't get any issues
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    It would appear to be the OP's error.

    However, what I fail to understand is why, on the strength of their one failed transaction, the OP takes the trouble to join MSE and offer advice that we all should avoid using the best value credit card available.
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    modusman wrote: »
    No I didnt make any incorrect assumptions.Everything was set up in a branch of Santander and was told so in writing by a senior member of staff. Why would I assume anything?Hence my suggestion that their CC side isnt too good. As for the phone calls, when you have confirmation all is in order would you lot be happy with 3 calls a day????hmm ..Never mind I wont bother posting again, better things to do with my time
    You were told in writing?
    The only writing I need is when it states the fact on my monthly statement.
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    ...and at that point the Direct Debit is in place and you are safe in the knowledge that payment will be taken on time every month.
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    Just to add to the foregoing: The OP ignored a call from their bank. Nuff said.
  • 00ec2500ec25
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    a classic case of someone not understanding what they are doing and instead blaming others for their own incompetence

    like a poster above, every credit card I have ever had always warns that the first statement payment will (may) not be taken by DD (they do not collect using an SO) and that you should pay this by other means (cheque, bank transfer etc) until such time as your CC statement categorically states the date on which payment will be taken by DD

    so OP:
    - you failed to read what was given to you when you opened the account
    - you failed to read your first statement
    - you ignored repeated phone calls (wonder what your reaction would be had those calls been to report that they had detected unusual movements on your a/c aka fraud and were calling to confirm them?)

    and yet miraculously it is "Santander's fault"
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    Another two post wonder who won't be back because his/her misconceptions weren't confirmed. All that's missing is "SCAM" in the title.
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    Had a santander zero card for years now - had no trouble whatsoever.
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    The only problem I have ever had with Santander was when I moved the DD for my 123 credit card from one 123 current account to my second 123 account.

    I changed the DD instruction online and assumed all would be fine as the DD, if not setup on time, would have been taken from the original account. I must have hit a timing window and the DD wasn't taken from either.

    A quick secure message to Santander and they refunded the late payment charge, credited the interest charges incurred and gave me a £20 ex-gratia payment for my "inconvenience". Faultless service!
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    Anyone who reads the financial press can tell you that Santander is consistently voted the worst bank for customer service and this is a typical example
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