landscape centre Donegore closed?

in N. Ireland
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has the garden centre up at Donegore shut up shop?

Hadn't heard anything,but drove the mrs up there today and it was deserted with not so much as a flower about the place and the car park closed


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    Sadly it has as has the one at Glenwherry..
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    It closed a few years ago,although the owners sold the landscape gardening side of the business on,so it is still in operation.
    A cafe/restaurant opened up in it about a year ago along with a Bruce's Hill farm shop,but it only lasted about 9 months and then it closed.
    They had spent a fortune kitting out the place,unnecessary as it always was really smart,IMO
    The food was pretty decent,if a little overpriced,and was always packed,so not sure what went wrong...maybe the bank called time on them,who knows,but it's a pity it gone:(
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