MSE News: Customers vent fury as WorldStores fails to deliver

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"Home and garden e-tailer WorldStores has come under fire from shoppers, after goods have failed to be delivered on time..."
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Customers vent fury as WorldStores fails to deliver


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  • I just wanted to say that I am one of those customers affected, but it is not just WorldStores, I purchased from someone else using the same courier. XDP is the primary courier for WorldStores, and it's brands such as BedroomWorld.

    This is a delivery company called XDP (it might also be another one but this is the one that's causing my problems), they have a huge backlog, no customer service and depot managers that are lying to the customer service (see: marketing) people about where consignments are.

    I currently have have HALF a delivery (half a bed, comes in two parcels), and it's now five days since and no sign of the other half, despite a promise from the Sales and Marketing Manager that it would be with me yesterday. She is the only person who appears to be dealing with customer service at the courier end and appears to be close to tears. People aren't getting responses to emails (I sent three myself), the phone is just ringing out...

    At the moment, I'm in limbo. I am very concerned that XDP will send the other half of my bed back to the retailer and I won't even get an email or call to say it's been done.

    From many other customers' feedback, deliveries are coming on the wrong days, and when carded due to no-one being home, the card either has nothing on it, or a number which when called, never gets picked up.

    I don't want a refund, I just want the bed I paid for. If anyone knows a solution to this except keep ringing the phone and wait in at home every day in the fond hope that someone will turn up, please let me know!

    Just goes to show the damage that suppliers can do to your brand if you don't choose wisely.
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    People might be better off without their goods! Worldstores is execrable. I bought a sofabed which came with feet missing and which gouged chunks out of our newly-sanded and sealed wooden floor.

    I sent photos of the state in which it arrived, and of how the sharp feet had torn the packaging to shreds before it was even opened. Plus photos of the state of my floor. Despite endless email exchanges, phonecalls and promises, I got no compensation. then I tried my credit company - no joy. Worldstores simply denied everything.

    After that, the sofabed began jamming after only a few uses.

    For those whose goods haven't yet arrived, I'd recommend cancelling and getting a refund, if you can, and then going to a reliable company like Tesco.
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    Like Joeykim I ordered a bed on the 14th December to be delivered on the 23rd. You would think there would be no problem. The bed frame arrived on time on the 23rd, the mattress however did not. I phoned the couriers XDP who told me it was on the wrong lorry and would be delivered in the new year. Not happy but it will still be arriving. This has not happened, I tried ringing XDP but no answer. Left messages on which turned out to be a mobile phone. Rang Worldstores and they promised me it will be delivered the next day and to ring them if it does not arrive. Ever since that conversation I have no mattress, no response to emails sent and waiting on the phone for an hour to speak to someone only to be cut off. Today I have canceled the order and requested that they take back the bed frame and refund me in full and yes, you guessed it, no response. Very disappointed to be suffering this sort of chaotic, disorganised service and now regretting my decision to buy from this company.
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    I would like to warn people to steer well clear of these charlatans, we ordered a Bed frame from Bedroom World on the 31st of December (we had seen a similar bed at John Lewis but it would have taken a good few weeks for delivery and opted for this as it seemed a little nicer and apparently was 'on sale' even though it was a bit more expensive). The bed frame was originally meant to be delivered on Friday the 3rd Jan, so we were rather annoyed that it did not turn up as we had expected. It was eventually delivered late on Saturday 4th (another day wasted sat around whilst we could have been out and about going to the sales)

    We set about unpacking it and starting to assemble it only to notice that the (flimsy) brackets that attached the sides to the head/footboard were not flush and left a good 1/2cm gap when they should have been flush with the wood, not happy we decided we would have to return the bed frame.

    We had to take pictures of the defect so that they could send out a new bed frame. we were then told we would get another bed frame sent out on the Wednesday 8th Jan which didn't arrive and having taking a day off work to wait for delivery we were a quite annoyed, after another 11 days of rechecking tracking pages and hanging on the phone to Bedroom World "customer support" (which incidentally is most likely so they can cream more money off you whilst you wait in line to speak to someone on the 0844 number) we finally received Bed frame Number 2.

    So we set about to unpack the "New" bed frame. Opening the box we were shocked to find that the brackets and screws on the side boards were rusty (although at least in the right position this time).


    God knows how long its going to take to actually get the mess sorted...

    and really wish we had got the original bed frame we saw in John Lewis which was not only cheaper but looked ALOT. better constructed.
  • XDP is the most appalling delivery company that I have ever experienced and cannot understand how they are still in business, after losing part of our bed order they do not deliver the day it was expected but turn up with half of it the following day unannounced then promise to deliver the rest and do not manage any form of communication whatsoever. Watching the tracking, it gets sent out "eta 12:24 to 14:24" daily for 5 days and returned and booked back in, when a delivery driver arrives with it, asking why this has occurred he said he had been off sick and it was probably because the pack said 1 of 3 and they were expecting the other 2 parts but thought they would deliver this one anyway! Their Facebook page claims vehicle breakdown then I realised that was a month ago. Worldstores claim to order one day and it arrives the next, if they wish to make these claims perhaps they should change the delivery company as there are so many other people in the same situation with partly delivered orders. If you want to return the items, you are trapped as you have to wait for the same company to turn up to collect it. Absolutely diabolical service from both, promised phone calls from Worldstores an no comms from either. LOOK AT TRUSTPILOT can so many people be wrong?
  • I placed order at the Last Sunday evening, according to their estimated delivery time, should arrive at the Wed this week. The order finally arrived at the Thursday with Main bed missing! I called their customer service, A lady was very helpful over the phone, she said she contacted the delivery company, they will make sure its get delivered on Sat. and she even placed two orders for me, to make sure that at least one bed will be arrive! And this Sat. morning, at 11:30, someone from customer term called me, said she doesn't think my bed going to delivery today, and I explained the situation, and their previous customer service promised the order will be here. The customer lady said she will contact the delivery company, and call me back in 10mins. And Now is 18:34, of course, she never ring me back!!! So now I have an 76 year old lady, has to sleep in tiny guest bed in the first night in her new house, upset because her bed is not here, THANK TO WorldStore! The only reason I ordered from them was because the NEXT DAY DELIVERY!!! now after one week, 7 DAYS, I still don't have the bed!!!!! I really should read the review before I placed the order! This is the LAST Order ever!!!!
  • Please BEWARE of Worldstores. Currently operating from Unit 4 Knights Park Ind Estate Strood ME2 2LS. Demand your money back then cancel your debit/credit card. They also operate as HotUKDeals and have bought in as a franchise to XDP.
  • This bogus company AKA HotUKDeals is trading from Strood Kent ME2 2LS. Beware as they use customer details to create accounts to activate in the future.
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    I'll do my best to keep this long winded tail of woe short about the company that Jasmine Harman shamefully endorses for her own financial gain without any research in to the type of company they actually are. I can say this based on the 100s of reviews from unhappy customers who have had very similar horrible experiences.

    1. Order made with Next day delivery guaranteed. That day was supposed to be 10 days ago.
    2. Item was a bed and mattress - we moved in to new house on the day the mattress was to arrive in order that we would have a bed to sleep on.

    3. Order didn't arrive. Call made to Worldstores (parent company) who told me that "For some reason you were provided with a 'shocking' courier". The guy then said he would cancel that order and re-order making sure we were given a 'better' courier.

    4. Three days later a 'new' mattress arrived - broken with rips and stains.

    5. This new delivery was made by the same 'shocking' courier. Curious. So when I called to tell of damaged item I also enquired about not being given the 'better' courier. I was talking to someone else this time. They told me that the only courier they use are XDP. This means the first person had lied to me on the phone just to fob me off.

    6. We arranged for a third attempt at delivery. That was due to arrive today. Did it arrive? What do you think? Of course not. I called up and was told that when XDP sent me the email yesterday confirming that delivery would indeed be today, that this was “just an automated email and didn’t mean that it would be delivered today at all”.

    7. In total so far I have had to take 4 days off work to be at home for this delivery.

    8. Amongst all of this we were offered a 'good will gesture' of partial refund. We will see what we get there. It is doubtful we will get anything at all.

    9. Just to add to this lovely service, when you call them up you are put on hold with music that is played as if it were an old cassette tape being played on a dysfunctional machine - with the music slowing down and speeding up, going soft then loud and high pitched - obviously specially designed to make you hang up.

    How companies like this are allowed to exist is beyond me.

    The fact that Jasmine Harman has been paid to endorse them is a massive blow to her own credibility. She either doesn’t care whatsoever about anything other than her own financial gain, or has made a considerable oversight and mistake in associating herself with a company that she and her management have done very little research in to. I can confidently say this based on the 100s of reviews from unhappy customers that are readily available when you search for 'Worldstores reviews' in popular search engines. Pages and pages of negative reviews from people who have had very similar horrible experiences to me.

    AVOID at all costs and always check reviews first! -And not just the ones on their own site. This lot use 'Feefoo' for their reviews - a review company that you can only submit a review to when you have a completed order. Obviously they don't send a request for you to review them if you've had a bad experience. This artificially generates them a good overall review rating - absolute crooks operating within an absolutely crooked system.
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    I ordered a shed from World Stores this summer and I must of been one of the lucky ones as it was delivered before the due date with all parts present and correct.

    The driver put all the bits in my garage and checked each bit with me before I signed for it.

    The only problem I had was no instructions but as soon as I emailed them I got detailed instructions back by email.
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