Professional newborn photos, anywhere recommended?!?

in N. Ireland
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HI Guys,

Can anyone recommend a place to take decent priced professional newborn photos, have looked at pixie photos but seem quite expensive,

Thanks :)


  • steveympsteveymp Forumite
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    What part of the country are you ?

    Try googling photographers in your area or facebook local photographers, most should have online samples of work.

    A 1 hour photo shoot in a proper studio shouldn't cost more than £60, some professionals will do home visits too for you but may add travel costs.

    The shoot is not the expensive part thou, when presented with 40 - 50 shots of you new born it is hard not to think everyone of them is lovely :o This may cost you a fortune in prints, you could try negotiating all high res images on a disk, but the photographer is unlikely to do this as it means less money for them ;)
    I am trying, honest;) very trying according to my dear OH:rotfl:
  • MilkoMilko Forumite
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    This guy (a good friend of mine) is very good & affordable
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    Thanks guys, I am Belfast based :)
  • danihdanih Forumite
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    I've been Money Tipped!
    I know a local family who were able to get that first picture of baby in the hospital with a few hours of birth. Its the most beautiful baby
    picture I've ever seen.
    :j got married 3rd May 2013 :beer:
  • GirlzmumGirlzmum Forumite
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    When I had my son last summer my good friend Mark came over the day before I went into hospital and did a bump shoot with my daughters and was over when he was a few days old and did a baby shoot. I absolutely love the pics


    He's on
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