help how do i get rid of mud stains



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    I don't want to be Mr Depressing, but when I lived in USA, we got lampered in mud doing some outdoor pursuit and the stains never came out. The mud was Georgia clay and it literally dyed the fabric with red/orange colourings that were in the clay. Myabe you have similar, it's not dirt, but the type of soil/clay has dyed the material.
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    I usually soak items overnight in a bucket with water and soda crystals.
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    Tried all of those, to be honest think maybe clay as it's a reddy brown, come off in most places just 2 patches under arms, found one online that says try with water from boiling spuds, going to try when veg arrives.
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    I haven't posted for a while but am still managing to stick to a lot of your OS tips. Thanks

    I'm using half washing powder amount and soda crystals but some of little ones clothes (mud stains!) are not coming up clean. Has anyone got any tips for pre-treaters???

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    Try these threads -

    How to get rid of mud stains.


    HTH, Penny. x
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    Thanks Penny, think I'll have to buy some Borax and give it a try
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    Soak, soak, soak. I find that after a good day's soaking in your original w. powder or whatever you use, most stains will come out.
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    If it's 'ordinary' mud (as opposed to clay mud) I prefer to let it dry. Brush off the loose stuf with a dry nail brush (or similar), rub between your knuckles to loosen any more within the fibres/weave of the fabric, and then 'go in for the kill' with the nail brush and a bar of 'scrubbing soap' (Fairy household or similar) - maybe liquid wash, vanish bar, stardrops or even washing up liquid would perhaps work. Then wash as usual.

    Incidentally, I use washing up liquid well-worked into grease marks to remove them before washing in usual way. Based that on the fact that liquid detergent is used for treating oil spills at sea - never had it fail yet.
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    Apologies if anyone else has suggested this but have you tried Napisan ?

    You'll find it in the baby aisles for approx £1.60 a box and in my experience it gets everything out - I have 3 children and they are all mucky devils !!!

    Never tumble dry something that has been stained as the stain bakes on

    Never soak in hot water, only cold - use hot to dissolve the powder then add cold water to soak. - similar reason, it seems to bake in the stain

    I hope that helps
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    Hi Twig,

    I've added your thread to the thread that was linked to above as it helps to keep all the suggestions together.

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