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My DD desperately needs new school shirts, and Marks and Spencers ones are effectively the only ones suitable (dearth of blue short sleeved girls ones, and needs a very slim fit)
I am loathe to buy 5 new ones at this stage, as I am sure that very shortly there will be deals ( buy 1, get one half price). My question is, does anyone have any idea when these deals usually kick in - is it May, or not till June??


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    You could always buy them anyway and let your DD wear them now. Keep the receipt and if they go down in price, re-buy and take the new ones back using the old receipt (thus keeping the older ones, but at the new lower price):).

    Marks and Spencer give you 35 days to decide if you want to return an item, so provided any reduction in price comes within that time you'll be able to take advantage of it.
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    I've always found that trying to get school uniform at this time of year is a nightmare. Not much in stock and no discounts to be had, especially if you are trying to find a more unusual colour or sizing.

    From memory I haven't seen much in the shops prior to June.

    How many shirts does she need for you to manage with until towards of the end of the school year?
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    She really needs 5, but once I get them they will last her next year too
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    kayl wrote: »
    She really needs 5, but once I get them they will last her next year too
    How many could you manage with though? I'd be buying the minimum and waiting till the offers came in before buying the rest.

    You could do as Alikay has suggested but there's a possibility that they change the range slightly or the barcode so know what is old stock and what's new.

    Frustrating isn't it, I sympathise. I had to buy my flat footed, wide fitting, size 10, 14yo son new school shoes the other week, £48 later. Don't know if they'll fit come September.
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    Demand for short sleeve school shirts is always high at the start of the summer term for obvious reasons. "Offers" will not come in until they are sure most people have bought them.
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    Have you tried amazon? Xx
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    Why don't you try Ebay.

    I originally put "try Ebay" but that was too short a post so I filled it out with "Why don't you" That got me thinking about the programme over the summer holidays....any I digress!
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    Excuse my stupidity here but why do you need 5 school shirts? :o Do they come in packs of 5?
    I buy 6 shirts (2 packs of 3 or 3 packs of 2) for my daughter in August for her starting in September, and they last me the whole school year till the 30th June. She wears 2 a week, changed every Wednesday morning, other one is washed and ironed and put away for next week. Same 2 shirts are used from September till Christmas, then new pack from Christmas to Easter, then the other 2... if needed are used from Easter until 30th June. If the shirts are still in good condition and still white (not that terrible grey colour white shirts sometimes go) then I don't open a new pack. This year she is still on her last 2, haven't needed to open the last pack yet as have been rotating the 4 we have on the go

    I go through more school socks for her than I do school shirts, they seem to go grey very quickly for some reason:mad:
    Anyhoo, have you tried matalan online? or the school uniform shop online?
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    How old is she? I do find that 5 shirts is a bit excessive too. I totally agree with you, my experience has shown me that M&S are the best and last the longest, but I always only had 2 packs of 2 for my kids that did last two seasons when they were little and now find that 2 a week is fine (with a spare one from last season just in case).
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    Can children not wear a school shirt for more than one day? My lads used to wear theirs for two days, and their trousers usually lasted all week.

    And do you really only wash at the weekends? I can see that you might need five shirts if you had to have one per school day and couldn't do the washing during the week, but even now it's just me and DH at home I can't go a week without doing some laundry!
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