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Mobile internet for business use

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Mobile internet for business use

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MoneyMachine_2MoneyMachine_2 Forumite
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Anyone use the internet from a laptop whilst out and about??

I'll be doing this soon and was wondering what kind of service to expect and what it will cost.

Expect a lot of travelling sales people already do this.

I was thinking along the lines of the little Vodafone things that plug into your laptop and I think giove wireless 3G internet access - Sure I've seen this advertised somewhere but not sure what everyone else offers and have no idea about what this costs.

So, any advice apprec.


  • ohitohit Forumite
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    Currently I use my mobile (Nokia 7210) using its InfraRed connection with my laptop and connect using Orange GPRS Internet. This costs me about £3 a MegaByte I think or abouts.

    It is 2G and limited to a max speed of 28k. In the evenings I use T-mobile CSD connection at an even slower 9.6k, although this doesn't matter much for most business users as connections are done during the day.

    I am currently looking at 3G GPRS myself, as it's blazing quick with a good 3G reception (most cities depending on the network).

    Orange's 3G GPRS offering can be seen at

    I can't currently find any details of 3G GPRS on Vodafone's site?, but yeah I have seen similar adverts too.

    I live in London so I just expect the latest things to just work with decent enough reception. YMMV depening on where you live.

    At the least just get something purely down on cost - Basically, get whatever is cheapest for your type of usage. Even if you don't get a 3G reception, for example, you can still then use a 'normal' 2G GPRS connection.

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