We bought an insurance policy through Halifax when we took out a mortgage in 1995. On the initial application form we did not request this, despite their 'advice', neither did we request the house insurance they suggested. We later found we had been sold both with the payment protection policy in my husband's name only.
My husband had suffered from cancer some years earlier but was not asked about previous medical conditions, only whether he had visited his GP in the previous two years.
We both had generous employment benefits.
We already had life insurance policies in place.
We also had house insurance in place.
Is this a case of mis-selling as the policy did not seem particularly suitable for our needs at the time?


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    Is this a case of mis-selling as the policy did not seem particularly suitable for our needs at the time?

    In complaints like this, allegations you make are unprovable. The balance of probability is against you as you would have completed a medical questionnaire and in 1995 there would have been paper applications and paper direct debits. So, they would look at whether you had a financial need for the policy (and the options bought as the TMPP is a multi-segment policy) and if the policy was suitable.

    Cancer a few years earlier is strong complaint reason unless he was given the all clear.
    employer benefits are irrelevant with MPPI (good reason with loan and credit card but FOS have been rejecting it with MPPI given the more important nature of secured debt and the long timescale
    life assurance is irrelevant as MPPI does not overlap with that.

    If you had dual house insurance then that is easily resolved. You contact both insurers to make them aware of the dual insurance and they will liaise with each other and refund the duplicate amounts paid.
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