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    Last night i tried to register with a credit reference agency to see my credit file. I was startled to see that much of the extra info erudio wants is what the CRA needed to register, especially the stuff about previous addresses. In fact, i gave up before registering because i just didnt have enough previous property info for them to join. Maybe a coincidence, maybe not.
  • Seems like erudio are setting up direct debits with your banks on the sly even if you don't supply the information.
    Check your banks and cancel the DDs
  • I wonder how much money they have made from phone calls to their call centre. Nice little earner for the scumbags.
  • Thanks erudioed. I am definitely going to take this further and I apprciate all the leg work and time you have taken already to look in to these people. I was unaware that my account would be on hold until its investigated. So thats good.its just worrying but at least we are all in the same boat. I will post on here how it goes.
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    great news beezemouse. Right now we are all in the same boat at the same time. As long as we are a few and not alone, it is better for sure. We can only complain and see where we stand. After all, all we want to do is default legally without any additional pressures that SLC didnt exert.
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    Exactly. SLC were always very helpful anytime I had to speak to them. The correspondence I've had from Erudio is nothing short of bullying and intimidation!! The wording of their letters and that deferment form is wrong in so many ways. Hopefully there will be others going down this route too.
  • What about the possibility of saying that the debt is now payed off (by erudio paying money to the SLC) and our business is now done with the SLC.
    We don't have any agreement with erudio (we never signed anything with them) and hence no contract with erudio so now we are all debt free??
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    ericctheking, if you pulled that one off, you really would be the king! It makes logical sense to me...
    Dont forget everyone to mail [email protected] with all your gripes, experiences of erudio and concerns. This is the only outside agency to complain to beyond the inhouse erudio system (i couldnt find a compliant location on the FCA website..they only tell you the erudio/ombudsman route). It is a good way to raise the profile of the problems outside with the same Department that made the deal with Erudio. And, dont forget to suggest that they redesign and resend all the deferment forms so we know what we are signing.
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    They haven't been paid off though. They have been assigned under the Law of Property Act 1925 where the money paid was for the assignment of the debt and rights. In no sense has it been paid off. You still owe it to whoever has been assgined the debt. Try arguing that one and you will come badly unstuck.
    Still rolling rolling rolling...... :) <
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  • Doesn't the law of property act 1925 conflict with some other laws?
    If you sign a new agreement with erudio then you owe money but it begs the question who is erudio? where have they come from? what connection do they have to you?
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