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been having problems with my caller display it has been reported several times in last 3 weeks
engineers came out and said it was my telephone at fault
now tried 3 different brand new phones in the master socket and all just display "incoming call"
tried a neighbours phone and it did work
of the 3 new phones 2 were bt and one panasonic
dialing *234# says callers number will be displayed although this only started doing this yesterday usually it says service not available
do you have any suggestions


  • QuentinQuentin Forumite
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    Assuming you are signed up for caller display, then *234# switches it on (#234# switches it off).

    As you have successfully switched it on ("callers identities will be displayed"), test it by using your mobile to ring your landline (or dial 17070 and select option 1 for an auto ringback) and see if you get a number displayed.
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    You say you tried a neighbours phone and it worked, if it worked in your socket with all other things disconnected, broadband router, filters, extensions, Sky TV box etc, then the data sent form the exchange is obviously getting to your socket and to persist with a fault report could result in charges being raised, coz if the OR guy disconnects everything but an ordinary phone with caller display, makes a call to your line and it displays the calling line number, they may record the fault as a 'right when tested' and then you can be charged for an un-necessary visit
  • neighbours works with eveything connected none of mine work when faceplate off and direct into test socket
    could it be a weak signal that modern phones wont pick up neighbours one is quite old
    gonna try my phone in neighbours line to-morrow
  • sandy2210sandy2210 Forumite
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    phone tried and working fine in neighbours line
    bt still insisting its ok there end
    what now
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