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does anyone know the latest details on the domestic rhi -was it not due to start spring 2014?
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    I spoke to Energy Advice Service on 13th Jan 2014. Was told that my installation would be regarded as a 'legacy' installation, so, assuming the RHI roll-out does go ahead then we would be able to apply from months 4-6 in after the start. Applications would be made on the Ofgem website.

    Requirements: (ours is a self-build) EITHER the title deeds plus a Self-Build Insurance Warranty (??) OR a Green Deal Assessment. We don't have the Warranty document, so we would have to get a Green Deal Assessment done. Apparently there is a GDA cashback voucher available which might give £150 towards the cost of the GDA.

    So, the process is:
    Get the GDA done. Carry out any recommended measures (e.g. insulation, low energy lightbulbs) then get the cashback voucher. The GDA is valid for a year.

    I haven't done anything yet.

    Anyone got more info? Additions? Contradictions?

    I followed the link in the previous post which took me to an article about heat metering (??). Pretty sure we don't have this as part of our installation, so I had a bit of a panic. However, at the end of the article it said most people won't need this metering.
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    (according to the July 2013 policy document) metering is only compulsory in domestic installations when "renewables" are used in conjunction a carbon-based heating system (eg a gas or oil boiler), commonly known as a bivalent system.

    They don't want to pay RHI on the basis of an installation that is never actually used (and hence no carbon is "saved") because the owners continue to use a gas or oil heating.
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