Oyster top ups?



  • Hi,

    Just wondering, as I stupidly did the same thing - what were we thinking??! - did you ever get a refund??

    I'm assuming not….and thinking I better get on an quickly cancel my card.
  • Oh no now we'll have to read the "you're not allowed to post without MSE permission" posts!
  • I too have been conned...gullible, naïve, probably! As soon as I noticed the first £29.90 go out of my account in January I contacted my CC company (Nationwide) to tell them to block any further payments and put the payment in dispute. They sent the forms out, I filled them in and sent them back. Just checked my account this morning and a second £29.90 has been taken out. Have called CC company again and am now waiting for their dispute team to call back. The only other option I can see is cancelling my CC but I'm off travelling next week (maybe I'll got to Panama and find them!) so its not really a great option.
  • This message has recently appeared on the TfL website:
    Advertisements from a business using the name Hot Crazy Deals have recently been appearing on social media, and other websites offering 'discounts' and 'deals' on Oyster travel. We are aware of concerns having been raised by some consumers about these 'deals'. We do not enter into such arrangements with third parties and any such 'discounts' or 'deals' are not sanctioned or approved by TfL.
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