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  • Hi Martin. Normally I agree with a lot you have to say, however on this occasion I feel I have to have my say. I am a passionate travel agent who works for a 'big travel company' I love my job & the reward of finding people their dream holiday is usually enough for me. However, I, like many others out there, are feeling the strain of the dreaded internet at the moment. And let me tell you why. On a daily basis, I am faced with the challenge of a customer not knowing where/when/how much/how to go about doing/where to start and what to look for, in search of their dream holiday. I will spend hours, some times days of hard work putting something together for them, comparing prices with other tour operators to get not only the best deal, but the right holiday for them. Things they wouldn't of been able to do alone on the net, hence why they walk through my door in the first place. Only for them to turn around & say "we'll thank you very much, that is indeed perfect & I couldn't of found that myself, however know you have done all the hard work, I can find it cheaper online!"
    I feel your argument is with the travel companies, but you are not thinking of the hard workers behind the big names, that worry for their jobs everyday. It's not the tour operators that suffer, as at the end of the day, they are still getting the booking. It's our wages that seem to be getting less & less each month. Yet I seem to be working harder & harder, fighting for every single booking that comes my way.
    I ask you, are high street travel agents going to be the next butcher/baker/green grocer, that looses the fighting battling against the internet & big superstores.

    Speaking up for the little fish!!
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