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  • Hi,
    Our grocery budget has been around the £130 mark for a few months due to not having as much money coming in.
    I just wondered what others with the same budget were buying/eating?
    I'm struggling this month as there hast been as much YS on offer as there usually is and so I've run my freezer down a bit :(
    We shop in aldi every 2 weeks (ish), pop into local coop/morrisons to see if any good YS and eat veggie a couple if times a week.
    Generally we have;
    Jacket potatoes
    Mince based dish (chilli, pie, spag Bol,biryani)
    Chicken curry (if there's YS about or I've bought a whole chicken, usually once a month!)
    A frozen dinner i.e fish fingers/egg chips
    Lunches are usually HM soup or sandwiches.
    But I always get stuck after that! I split mince into 2 so sometimes we have 2 mince meals a week.

    Just after some inspiration really as getting a little bored :(
    I'm also struggling a bit with my toddler as well at the moment getting him to eat what we eat and fairly healthily.
    I'm C, Mummy to DS 29/11/2010 and DD 02/11/2013

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  • Sausage & mash is cheap & cheerful, I make onion gravy to go with mine.
    Pasta in cheese sauce, fish pie made with frozen coley, 6 portions cost £2.50 & 2 would make a fish pie big enough for the 3 of you.
    Chin up, Titus out.
  • craigywvcraigywv Forumite
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    buy eggs, potatoes , fruit, mince and flour ..........make mince pie and chips/mash, fruit pies, I tending to being going back to basics food and dropping the fancy currys etc as they don't seem to want to eat them here recently. more old fashioned food.
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    corned beef hash is one of my favourites and its one pot cooking:
    diced potatoes; chopped onion; diced tin corned beef; tin chopped tomatoes; tin baked beans; vegetable stock. Chuck it all in a large pan and cook for 20-30 minutes. has some good simple recipes and inspiration for varying budgets.
  • LilyplonkLilyplonk Forumite
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    Have you tried the 'diced turkey thigh'? As good as 'turkey breast' any day (actually has a bit more flavour) and works well in any dish that calls for chicken breast ie casseroles, curries, sweet chillis etc.

    It's frequently found in whoopsie cabinets, so I grab a couple of them whenever I can get my hands on them.

    Home made quiches are easy to prepare as well.

    Turkey Mince can be made into low-fat burgers - add some sage and onion to it OR kidney beans & sweet chilli sauce when forming the 'patties'.
  • Thanks! Great ideas :)
    I LOVE sausages but DH won't eat them.. He doesn't like pork really.
    I made corned beef hash the other day and it was lovely!
    I'm C, Mummy to DS 29/11/2010 and DD 02/11/2013

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  • Have you seen a girl called jack website its full of fantastic cheap recipes I think I would be lost without it now she has a book out soon and I can't wait :)
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  • lineyliney Forumite
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    Meatballs and pasta.
    Omelettes with chips and/or salad
    Home made quiche - great for using up odds and ends of veg, ham, bacon etc
    Home made pizza.
    Home made burgers.
    Skewers are good to use up the last of some chicken with mushrooms, onion and peppers alternated.
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  • Lasagne with salad and garlic bread
    Spag bol with garlic bread
    Savoury mince with Yorkshire puddings
    Chicken wrapped in bacon topped with cheese served with oven chips or mash
    Chicken with rice and a sauce
    Sausage casserole
    Cottage pie
    Chicken dinner (grilled chicken with veggies and roasties served with gravy)
    Soup and toasties
    Pies made with left overs

    Often when bf is away I will have very basic things; pasta and cheese (sometimes with tuna or chicken and pesto), bacon and potato scones with beans

    It can often seem like a lot of the same things but when I reflect on it we use offers to mix things up. Bf is fussy so that limits things anyway when he is at home.
    We shop in M's and Iceland with Asda used now and again too, we've also been restricted to a foreman grill, electric hob and combination microwave.

    It really depends on your tastes and what offers you can make use of to bring a little variety - as well as what time you have at your disposal obviously
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    Lentils are a staple in our house. We have Lentil loaf, Dahl, Lentil soup, Lentil Pate, Lentil stew, Lentil Bake-not all in the same week obviously!:rotfl:
    I have got better at working out which recipes are economical and now have a ready made list of recipes to hand!
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