Holiday Refund - Wife Pregnant

Hi I booked a holiday to the far east, and as a wise moneysaver i used my new capital one cash back card. (travel insurance inculded)

Holiday was booked 2 months ago for Feb 08, and we have paid about £1000 so far.

We have recently discovered that my wife is pregnant and in february she will be 24 weeks pregnant.

I am concerned that she will not be able to travel in her condition then, especially considering how long the flight will be...

Are there any guidlines on traveling this distance when pregnant.. and what do you think the chances of getting a refund will be..
travel insurance doesnt cover this from what i can tell by reading small print!


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    I do believe that pregnant women in their last trimester are advised against or not allowed to fly to be honest.
    Ah found something - "Most airlines won't take pregnant women past 32-36 weeks, even on short-haul flights of two hours, simply because the risks of complications and delivery increases and the aircraft cabin doesn't make an ideal labour ward. You'll also find your travel insurance won't cover you late in pregnancy, usually from around 32 weeks." "Unless you're happy to risk a long stay and eventual delivery in a foreign country, avoid travel in the last trimester."
    As for a refund I have no idea sorry. Hope someone else can help you there.
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    1st thing - congratulations!

    2nd thing - credit card travel insurance is normally a false economy anyway as it offers pathetic levels of cover (not stating yours does). You'd need to ring them. Other insurance can cover you for this - the only way to check is if ring and speak to them if it's not in the small print.

    If you do decide to travel, it's a personal choice, and some info is here:

    Edit: If your trip includes Singapore, you need to get a visa if you are over 6 months pregnant. Rather strange, and they are the only country I know to do this.

    The holiday company won't offer you a refund, so fingers crossed it's in the insurance if you do cancel. If not, there's little you can do i'm afraid.
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    Unless you can get a doctor to say it's not safe for your partner to travel
    Look after the pennies and the £££s will look after themselves
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    I flew at 28 weeks, no probs, I took a letter from GP just incase to say that I had no medical probs etc, is advisable to check with airline though as I believe a few of them restrict flying after so many weeks (think this is 30?).
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    if you read the policy

    looks like pregnant women over 6 months are excluded

    2.4 Significant and Unusual Exclusions and Limitations

    (Please refer to Section 2.2 Hospitalisation Abroad and Medical Expenses Insurance of the full policy document, point 4 for full details of the exclusions that apply to the policy)
    The following exclusions apply:
    • pregnancy within 3 months of the expected date of birth;
    Posts are not advice and must not be relied upon.
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    Firstly thanks for everyones input.

    We are both extremly happy, however dont want to lose £1000. If we can get the majority back that would be great. Every bit will help as you can imagine.

    She will be around the 6 month point, however we have only recently found out about the pregnancy and dont actually know the certified due date.

    With the travel agent we booked over the phone and therefore we are not aware of any t&c relating to cancellation policies etc. I just hope they dont turn around and say we stand to loose everything that we paid.
    I was hoping that if doctors say or airline refuse to make us fly we could recover the cost of the flights via travel insurance?
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    I'm afraid it's down to travel insurance. This is the type of thing it exists for.

    The travel company will say it's not their fault your wife is pregnant. You should ask for a copy of their terms & conditions if they don't have it online.
  • If you are not travelling until February next year you should get all the money back except the deposit from the Tour Operator as per their booking conditions.

    Your Travel Insurance policy will give you a definitive answer as to if they will pay or not but, as a previous poster said, a letter from your GP saying he has advised you not to travel.
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    the majority of companies accept pregnant women to travel up at 28 weeks some even more so others have said. providing there are no problems with the pregnancy and you wife is fit and healthy then the doc wont see any reason why she woln't be able to go. The travel insurance may want a fit to fly letter from your doctor/midwife to say that all is well. Most insurance companies dont bat an eyelid as long as they know of any circumstances that may arise.

    with the length of the flight, it would be advisable for your wife to stand up and walk about often as this will help with blood flow and hopefully reduce ankle swelling

    have a good holiday!!!
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    The holiday isnt planned until Feb 08... no one even knows that she is pregnant except those that are reading this board ha.

    Anyway, going on holiday for us is not critical and my wifes health comes first so even if i lost £100-£200 i would not be bothered. I rather lose that than risk her health, especially considering flight to Hong Kong is some 14 hrs.

    Is it safe to fly when you are 25 weeks gone?

    I have currentlyu paid £1000 and dont want to loose all this... i was hoping to recover majority from the travel company and possibly the deposit from the insurance company.. but they may trun around and say at 25 weeks nothing wroung you can fly.
    I guess this is when a doctors letter which says that they do not reccomend flying would help out here... i will have to have a quite word with the doctor nearer the time.. (but would this mean i risk losing more as i have left it longer to cancel )
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