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    My dad received a letter last week and also a letter was sent addressed to my late mum (they obviously do not know that she has passed away as addressed to her and not executors etc..she died Oct 2005). Am i correct in thinking that we will not be able to claim through for payments made by my late mum or do we have to go down a different route? Thanks
  • I have checked with CPP and have been told that I have had this policy since 2003 and that it was originally bought through MINT credit card. I understand that MINT is now RBS. I am confused and dont know a) if I can claim back from a company that is no longer going and b) if I can claim back that far!!
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    Maybe Martin next time he is on telly doing one of his information speeches he can re-iterate to people the fact if you don't vote you might not get anything!!,
    I've got 2 votes as I had 2 policy's with them (don't ask I didn't even notice I had two!!!) that's another case of mis-selling a product!!
    but neither here or there I've spoken to a couple of neighbours that seem to think there is no need to vote because of what it states in the letter (have since put them right ;) ).
    If you read the letter about the vote it states in it that "you don't have to vote and it will NOT affect your claim for compensation" errrrrm is this not lying AGAIN not only have they taken our money by illegal means they lie about how/if you can get it back

    Think this point needs to be addressed and possibly brought to the attention of any ombudsman that might be overseeing this case.
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    Received a letter to vote today, and will of course be voting in favour. However, my CPP was activated in March 2002, and they are only paying compensation from 14th Jan 2005, is there a way to get the compensation dated back earlier or is this fixed?

    There is a section to complete called "value of your vote" where you tell them what you think is owed, but I don't want to get that wrong by going back to 2002 and not taking into account any interest
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    I have received a voting form.

    I successfully claimed my payments back with interest earlier this year and also cancelled the policy.

    Should I still complete the form and send it back?
    (If it will help others then it goes without saying that I will complete it).

  • I first took out a CPP policy in 1998 and have recently completed the voting form and submitted it, having voted against on the basis that there should be no artificial cut-off date in 2005.

    If the voluntary scheme is approved by a sufficient majority it will need to go before a High Court hearing on 14th January 2014 for confirmation. Anyone wishing to raise an objection may do so through a solicitor. Does anyone know if there is a solicitor prepared to represent a class of interested parties wishing to have this scheme rejected by the High Court through whom representations can be made ?
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    I was told originally I was not part of the scheme which I thought was odd, as I met the criteria. So I therefore made a complaint to hsbc direct, they have offered me x amout of money as compensation and send me a cheque.

    However two days before receiving the cheque I recieved a voting form from CPP direct, should I still complete it or just leave it at that?
    Im an ex employee RBS Group
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    Why are they not going back earlier than 2005?

    Can we vote "do not agree" and suggest they go back further?
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    Why are they not going back earlier than 2005?

    Can we vote "do not agree" and suggest they go back further?

    The FCA only came into existence in January 2005 - Due to this they can only regulate from January 2005, which is why the scheme only covers January 2005 onwards.

    If you feel you have been miss sold before this date you would need to complain to whoever sold the policy, either CPP or your bank.
  • "About seven million people who were mis-sold CPP card insurance are set to receive payouts after a redress deal was given the green light...."
    Read the full story:

    Mis-sold CPP card protection customers back redress scheme


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