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January 2014 Grocery Challenge

edited 30 December 2013 at 12:55PM in Old Style MoneySaving
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  • BMGBMG Users Awaiting Email Confirmation
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    How do I add my spends and budgets to the bottom of my posts?

  • EyebrightEyebright Forumite
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    BMG wrote: »
    How do I add my spends and budgets to the bottom of my posts?

    You do that by editing your signature. To do that look for User CP in the green bar near the top of the page. Click on there, go to Edit Signature, then simply type in what you want, pick font style, colour etc...

    Hope that helps :)
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  • kayesterkayester Forumite
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    Day 1 of diet for me. I have gone to the 'save with Jamie' book for meals this week. A little more expensive as had to buy ingredients that I didnt have in the house and also a casserole dish from amazon, £26.95 inc delivery but it was down from £44. I am including this in my grocery budget as I will be using it a lot and will pay for itself eventually!
    Meat of the week to last us is Chicken.

    Monday: Mothership Sunday Roast Chicken
    Tuesday: Chicken and Spinach Cannelloni
    Wednesday: leftover chicken and spinach cannelloni
    Thursday: Quick Chinese Wrap
    Friday: Chicken Stew and Dumplings
    Saturday: Chicken Pie.

    Mr A inc delivery: £78.08
    Casserole dish inc del: £26.95

    TOTAL: £105.03
    Will add to sig once Mr A comes just incase anything isnt delivered or is substituted.
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  • just spent £1.50 on bags of dried fruit with choc chips in it was rtc in sains it was £1.65 a bag before christmas now its going through till at 15p a pack so got 10 bags to use in baking etc and for snacks
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  • Coxy11Coxy11 Forumite
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    Hi all,

    Budgets listed updated to here :)

    Welcome/welcome back to:
    Magpye, littlechanges, NeroliJasmin, spendingless31, lizziebabe and BMG :D

    Very spendy few days for us :( Went to Ts yesterday on foot as DH needed the car. Spent £21.99 but £10 of that was on H&S as both DD and DS2 have a very flaky scalp (again) so I got 3 large bottles for £10 (normally £4.97 each :eek:)

    Ts again today to get meat, salad, fruit, dog food - another £44.83.

    Need to update sig, but hoping aside from veg, we will be okay this week.

    Hope everyone is okay with this atrocious weather. Luckily no school run for me until tomorrow.

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  • XSpenderXSpender Forumite
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    NSD planned for today.

    My meal plan worked OK last week so this week we are having:

    Mon M&S GF fishcakes, saute min potatoes (need using up) and value mushy peas and l/o crumble from last night
    Tue GF Pasta bake (from a jar) with HM GF garlic bread and normal shop bought for DH
    Wed Veggie chilli, spicy wedges and grated cheese
    Thu Chicken and leek gratin with carrots and green beans
    Fri Gammon, egg, beans and HM SW chips
    Sat Hairy Bikers Sweet and Sour Chicken and my first attempt at egg fried rice
    Sun Shepherds pie, broccolli and carrots

    Lunches will be soup (tinned and HM), tuna or egg mayo sarnies, L/O chilli, rice and feta salad and lemon drizzle cake (lemons to use up), yogurts and a shed load of fruit.

    I haven't made the sweet and sour chicken before but I am not supposed to eat chinese takeaway (not GF) so I am going to try this as this is what I would normally order. The rice will be a first attempt too. Just need a bag of prawn crackers and it will feel like a takeaway :)

    I am hoping to keep out of the shop until Wed/Thurs when we will need fruit. I will probably get the bits I need for the following weeks meals too.
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  • peony40peony40 Forumite
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    Had my large grocery shop delivered. As for this month I am not paying for the groceries I will still deduct this amount from my yearly budget as I am going to put the same amount into my savings account.

    After a sit down, i will put everything away and update my inventory and menu plan.

    Goodness the weather is getting wild out there again!

    Take care all.
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  • kayesterkayester Forumite
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    kayester wrote: »

    TOTAL: £105.03
    Will add to sig once Mr A comes just incase anything isnt delivered or is substituted.

    A few substitutions arrived but nothing too drastic. instead of bagged herbs they gave me the more expensive growing herbs so hopefully will last longer.

    It came out a few pence more expensive and this was because of the size of the chicken.
    so total spend including casserole dish. £105.47
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    Grocery challenge
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  • FlorenceemFlorenceem Forumite
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    Mr F was going out today and intended to shop - put paid to that idea - we don't need anything! :money:
    After listening to The Archers with a cuppa - going to empty fridge in kitchen & clean it and have a stock take.
    I have all of January's menu plan done but can easily adapt to use up fridge bits if necessary.
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    Spent £3.94 yesterday in Asd*. We are starting the decorating and at the last minute nipped out to buy some rubber gloves to start washing paintwork with sugar soap. Marigolds were cheaper than own brand so 2 pairs came to £3 plus some smart pr1ce dish clothes (75p) and a hedgehog loaf for 19p (bargain). Had to put it on my card though as used the rest of the grocery cash to buy a top in M&S for £4.99. Very pretty and a lovely bargain as wanted something new for my 50th birthday dinner on the weekend.
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