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Slow Cooker - The Recipe Collection

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  • I love pulled pork in mine and cheap joints of beef come out beautifully. They cook in their own juices so you don't need to add stock but I tend to rub soome marinade in the meat first just for added flavour.
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    I've added this thread to our existing one on slow cooker recipes which should give you lots of ideas.

  • Thankyou everybody. Im going to experiment over the weekend or overnight. Never had one before and im a bit wary of leaving it on when im at work for the first couple of times.
  • This thread inspired me to get out me two slow cookers. Popped down to my local farm butcher for some cheap meats for the s/c, spent £42!

    Have an unsmoked gammon ham (£20) in the small one.
    Have a pork shoulder (£12) in the large one with carrots, onions, parsnips, pasatta, chicken stock, bay leaves, paprika and black pepper.....ooh just realised I have celery in the bottom of the fridge I must add to it.

    Have lamb shoulder marinated in redcurrant and rosemary (£5) and beef brisket (£5) in the freezer.

    £42 is a big chunk of my weekly grocery budget, it's quality meat from our local farm butcher, but maybe for s/c I should have gone to A£DI or A$DA?
  • sleepymans wrote: »
    Use decent ingredients and experiment DONT put it away at the back of the cupboard and forget to try using it!


    I couldn't agree more.

    I've had 2 Slo-Cookers over the years and both have ended up being sold at Car Boot Sales, as I never used them! ;)

    There were two problems for me.

    1. They were too big for a single person.
    2. I couldn't be doing with parboiling veg and stuff beforehand, as I was always told that Slo-Cookers don't cook veg to the point of softness, otherwise.

    I was given a mini 1.5 litre Slo-Cooker for Xmas a few days ago and have already used it 3 times!

    It's just big enough to make a portion for dinner and one left over for another night, or, for freezing and I just threw the meat (without browning) and the veg (cut up small, to ensure thorough cooking) straight into the Cooker, added some "stock," in the form of Oxtail Soup and a stock cube with other seasonings and added a few tablespoons of Bisto Gravy Mix to thicken and 8 hours, or so, later I was presented with a very satisfying "stew," for dinner and the aromas of the cooking started to permeate the entire home a few hours before eating.

    I can't believe how simple AND tasty it all was.

    I'll definitely be experimenting with many recipes as well as "stock/sauce" sources in future, as well as thickening agents such as cornflour.

    But I'd reiterate..for pure economy of preparation, not to mention the cost of cooking in these things, I'd say for any family they must be a boon and for a single person, the smaller models are just the ticket and they're very low in price, themselves at the moment.

    On investigation, having a look on Amazon, after Xmas, mine was reduced from about £40 to about £12!

    And, I also received a Cooking For One, Slow Cooker Cook book along with it, though I have to say, scouring the internet for options has been a lot more inspiring.

    If you have one floating about at home, I'd seriously recommend dusting it off and giving it a go, if not, I'd seriously recommend buying one..

  • Hi all I recieved a slow cooker for christmas and have managed to cook a chicken and a joint of pork in there successfully, but I'm in need of advice about doing full meals in there?

    I think I can probaly do a casserole easy enough - just throw everything in, right?

    But one of our favourite meals is the Chinese-style braised beef one pot on the bbc good food website (it won't let me post links)
    The recipe says to brown off the meat and cook the ginger, chilly etc before it all comes together to cook. Would you still cook all this off first? Or just throw it in?

    The cooking time is 2-2.5 hours, how long would I cook it for in the slow cooker? On what setting? Low, medium, high, auto?

    Can anyone help please? I'm feeling like a duck out of water, but I'm sure when I've got a couple of our staple meals cracked I'll have the confidence to do more!
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    I nearly always just chuck it all in! I would say 6-8hrs on low in the sc depending.
    I think auto starts it off hotter and reduced the temp to low?
    For example i cook a whole 1.8kg chicken for 8hrs on low x
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  • Ok, I'll just lob it all i and see how i go! Thank you
    Mummy to ds 29/12/06 dd 10/2/08 ds 25/5/11
    :Amy angel born too soon 18/11/12, always with me Emmie Faith:A

    15 projects in 2015 10/15completed
  • Kevie192Kevie192 Forumite
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    Hi all,

    Just wanted to share my latest blog post and slow cooker recipe. My mum's beef stew! Read all about it here.


    Kevin :)
  • Free for today: Delicious Slow Cooker Recipes For Busy Women! Hey friends, this book is free on Kindle for Today. if you don't have a kindle you can use their free cloud reader app. Check it out:
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