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Reduced bargains and yellow stickers shopping

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    Yesterday I bought from Sainsburys:
    . TTD cheese coleslaw -35p
    . Pack of 2 ripe n ready avocados - 25p
    . 2x TTD chipolatas - £1 each
    . Pack of 6 pork pies - 69p
  • Only a little one, last night I got from Morrisons garlic mushrooms, little party snack ones, 360g originally £2.50, got them for 25p :D
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  • mamanmaman Forumite
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    Asda beansprouts at 25p a bag so I got two. That's a 50% reduction on what I think are the best value around anyway. Currently open-freezing ready for bagging up.

    I only went in for a bottle of hot chilli sauce as Asda's my favourite.

    That's about the sum total of what I buy in Asda these days!:rotfl:
  • We did really well in Waitrose this evening

    Net of sprouts £19p
    6 Jazz apples 39p
    Partisan bread 59p
    Coleslaw 10p
    Potato salad 10p
    Hummus 10p
    500ml fresh veg stock 10p
    Tuna mayo sandwich 10p
    4 baking potatoes 32p
    Bananas 35p

    Then 2 packs of 5 ny bagels @ 39p each.. At the till it registered as buy two for £2.50 and it took 70p off the bagels making the bagels a penny each :T:T:T

    Then we had a further reduction using the my Waitrose card!!! Not bad hey?!
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    Today loads of 'normal' food in the reduced as 4-5 days ago, people ate Christmas food. So loads of pies, ready meals, chilled hot puddings, cooked meat on reduced.
  • flea72flea72 Forumite
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    Did fantastic today in Mr Ts, got £100 worth of stuff, reduced down to £26

    Best buy was finest gammon joints, down from £9 to 88p
  • I already had plenty in the fridge and decided to avoid the Christmas Eve top up, but did not do so badly when I needed to get some milk a few days later. Lots of fresh egg noodles and Chinese sauces for only 11p each. Most went into the freezer.
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    LadyCouponLadyCoupon Forumite
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    Managed to get a few good bargain in Morrisons yesterday afternoon, they had joints of pork which had been £10 for £3, bought 2 and also a large stuffed turkey breast, which had been £12.75 for £3, plus other bits of veg down to 9p a pack, good shop. Oh and a joint of gammon for 15p.
  • cheerfulness4cheerfulness4 Forumite
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    LadyCoupon wrote: »
    Oh and a joint of gammon for 15p.

    :eek: You almost wrote that as an afterthought. I'd have been doing high kicks in the air if I'd swiped a bargain like that, arthritis and all! :p
  • PuzzcatPuzzcat Forumite
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    Both my freezers are stocked with ys items.. today I have picked up 4 salmon fillets, a pack of fishcakes, a large pack of southern fried chicken, 3 duck legs, a large chicken pie, a garlic & herb share bread, some party nibbles and a rather large rolled sirloin joint which was priced at £19.95 orignally and I got it for £4.95... so less than £20 for £44 of shopping.. I usually aim for 50% or less but rarely get the really good bargains as I don't shop very late in the day..

    This was between 3 supermarkets. over the lunchtime period.
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