Basic Line Rental with BT, new bill

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    Depends on how intelligent their billing system is...
  • up until my May bill I had payed my monthly payment plan .In june I asked to go onto WHOLE bill monthly DD . I was told my as my line rental had been included in my may bill my first monthly bill would be August .
    My bill e-bill arrived and is was a shambles .
    First of all I owed BT £4.57 from my may bill .so I thought £4.57 + £10.50 + £1 increase in line rental in July my bill should be £16.07 .My bill was £35.71 .my service ( one months line rental )charges came to £26.86 .it seems when you change plan as I did they refund the line rental you already paid and then debit you again .Of course you never see a refund in your bank account its only on paper .in my case there was a refund on paper and then they debit my account TWICE .
    Bt where to contact me tomorrow to sort this DD out ,but today they took the full £35.71 fom my account 5 days early .I now have to get my bank to refund it under the DD guarntee scheme .I asked BT why they took the money early and the reply was Monday is a bank holiday .to make matters worse BT 150 cant access my account .Everytime I contact then my account freeze;s there pc .
    BE very careful if you change payment plans >:( >:(
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    Does this mean that I am going to get another credit for a few pence in addition what they have just promised me?

    Probably, I did (see above)! The automated fixes can't seeem to see the manual fixes entered as 1-off refunds by staff when you complain.
  • I emailed BT regarding the fact that they charged me for three calls made in June that should have been within my call allowance of £2.15.

    First of all they emailed me saying that they had given me my allowance and the bill was correct so I emailed back and said that was a different line despite the fact that I had given them account number and line number. Today I received the follow email:


    Thank you for your e-mail about the call allowance.

    I hope you will find the following information helpful.

    I feel that for such a small amount a little less red tape would be the most sensible action. I apologise for previous problems you had getting this resolved so I have removed the charges from the bill in question and you will be receiving a credit note for your records. The credit will also show on your next invoice. I hope this is to your satisfaction.

    If you have any further queries please reply to this email. Alternatively, if you wish to contact BT by telephone, please visit and click on the contact us 'by phone' link to obtain the correct number to dial.

    Thank you for contacting BT.

    I had to laugh at the expression "a little red tape" ;D
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    I ordered BT Broadband back in January and I've just checked the bill and it turns out they overcharged me then!

    As well as charges being inaccurate, so are the refunds for line rental and broadband. I've worked it out and they've undercharged me 1p in the Service Charges section!

    I've never understood the bill anyway. Total charges are hidden away. When you have a debit balance it shows as a positive debit balance which is correct. When in credit it shows a minus credit balance which is incorrect.

    A negative credit is a postive debit and vice versa. I wrote to BT ages ago but they've never done anything about it. There's other inaccuracies in the bill like "-£XX deducted from your bill". ???
  • Just got my new bill and its increased to over £40! It always has been around £34 per quarter including my calls because of the call allowance that was included in the deal. I was upset to find out that they had cut the free call allowance since July so my £6 or so of local calls gave not been discounted as per usual. On top of that I find out they have put up the price of line rental by £1 a month! :o

    I only really want the phone line for the internet! ::) :-/
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    On BT Standard I'd use up the call allowance. As these calls counted towards the Friends and Family, the bill would be less than the line rental of £9.50!!
  • On BT Standard I'd use up the call allowance. As these calls counted towards the Friends and Family, the bill would be less than the line rental of £9.50!!

    BT Standard was great while it lasted. Now they've changed it to the BT Together Option 1 - The Hour Plan. This has no call allowance! :(
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